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Cat Care Center - Home

How to Treat Cat Scratches at Home

Filed Under General Health

By David F. Kramer Getting scratched by a cat can be more than just painful—the wounds can bleed, sting, swell, become infected, and, in some cases, make us sick. Minor cat scratches usually can be treated at home, but certain...


Introducing New Kitten to Home

Filed Under Care, Kitten

Best Way to Introduce a New Kitten Your life with your new kitten begins on the ride home. First, cats should always be transported in some kind of carrier in the car. By teaching your kitten to ride in a confined location, you are providing...


How to Find a Lost Cat

Filed Under Care, Kitten, Adult Cat, Senior Cat

Your cat has vanished from inside the house. He either got outside when you opened the door and you weren't quick enough to catch him, or he pried open a screen or found an exit and is now outside. If you were fortunate enough to watch him...


How to Build Cat Shelves

Filed Under Care, Kitten, Adult Cat

by Cheryl Lock There is nothing in the world a cat loves more than exploring, climbing and checking things out. That’s why cat shelves make the ultimate exploratory toy to keep your furry feline friend busy for hours. Of...


Construct a Cat Playroom

Filed Under Care, Kitten, Adult Cat

by YahairaCespedes Building a Cat Playground Many pet parents know that if left unattended, cats can wreak havoc on a house or apartment. From sharpening their claws on the furniture to shredding your beloved plants, a bored cat...


Safe Flowers for Dogs & Cats

Filed Under Care, Adult Cat

by Cheryl Lock If you’re a plant-lover and you’ve heard that plants and pets don’t mix, fear not – there actually are some safe flowers for dogs and cats that, if ingested, won’t cause as much harm as others. Of...


How to Make Your Home Comfortable for a Senior Cat

Filed Under Care, Senior Cat

by Jessica Remitz Just like people, cats experience a certain slow down as they age, making once normal activities—like hopping up on their favorite windowsill or reaching their water dish—a bit more challenging. Learn more...


Orthopedic Beds for Senior Cats

Filed Under Care, Senior Cat

by Jennifer Kvamme Health Benefits of Orthopedic Cat Beds Everyone deserves a good night’s rest, even your cat. Being able to rest comfortably is particularly important for cats that are getting up there in years, or for...


Kitten Proofing Your Home

Filed Under Adoption-Getting-a-Kitten, Kitten

[video] By Yahaira Cespedes Perhaps you have given a lot of thought into bringing a new kitten home, or perhaps a sweet, loving feline chose you. Either way, the day you decide to bring your new four-legged family addition...


Litter Boxes and How to Live With Them

Filed Under FullyVetted, Kitten, Adult Cat, Senior Cat

It’s been about ten years since I have had to live with a litter box; plenty of time to have conveniently forgotten how annoying and repulsive they’re wont to be. I kind of liken it to the same sort of magical thinking that so frequently...


Cat Care Questions
Answered By

Q. Why do kittens meow?

A. The truth of the matter is there isn't one clear answer. However, many experts agree...

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Q. Why do kittens purr?

A. A kitten's purr is another complex emotional signal that is designed to communicate...

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Q. Should I speak to my kitten?

A. Yes, by all means, please do. The happiest kittens are those that feel like part...

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The Abyssinian belongs to the ticked or agouti breed, both terms used for the cat's type of fur. Its distinctive feature is its silky, multicolored coat, which is a combination...