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Cat Care Center - Care

4 Reasons Life Stage Diets Help Improve Cat Health

Filed Under Nutrition, Senior Cat

Benefits of Age-appopriate Cat Food By Lorie Huston, DVM Balanced and complete nutrition is important for any animal. However, the nutritional needs will vary depending on the cat's life stage. For instance, the nutritional...


5 Tips to Keep Your Senior Cat Healthy

Filed Under Care, Senior Cat

Healthcare Tips for Senior Cats By Lorie Huston, DVM A senior cat has different health requirements than a younger cat. Here are a few tips to help you keep your senior cat healthy. 1. Don't Forget the Health Check-ups...


Playing with Your Senior Cat

Filed Under Care, Senior Cat

By Lorie Huston, DVM Play behavior serves many purposes. It exercises muscles and joints, keeps your cat fit and lean, keeps your cat entertained, and helps to prevent boredom and stress that can lead to behavior and health issues....


Defining Senior Age in Cats

Filed Under Care, Senior Cat

By Jessica Remitz While most of us like to remember our cats as the fluffy kittens we brought home at just a few months old, they don't stay young forever. The best way to help keep your cat as healthy as possible later...


Weaning Kittens: How and When

Filed Under Nutrition, Kitten

What to Feed a Kitten By Terry Kaye Weaning a kitten is the process of transitioning the kitten from mother’s milk to solid food. It’s an important part of the kitten’s development, and needs to be done at the...


Car Travel Tips for the New Kitten

Filed Under Traveling, Kitten

Traveling with a New Cat By Valerie Trumps Most new kitten parents are apprehensive about leaving their tiny felines with pet sitters when taking a road trip. So why not take her with you? Traveling by car is the...


Why Microchip Your Cat?

Filed Under Health, Adult Cat

Should Kittens Get Microchip IDs? By Jackie Kelly It used to be that unless you had an identification tag on your cat your chances of finding the cat if he or she went missing were slim to none. With modern technology, however,...


How to Bathe a Kitten

Filed Under Grooming, Kitten

Giving Your Cat Her First Bath By Valerie Trumps Folklore scoffs at bathing cats, saying it can’t be done nor is it needed. But you, Commander of the Kitty, can do all things to your feline as long as they’re done in...


Dietary Supplements to Consider for Older Cats

Filed Under NutritionNuggets-Cats, Senior Cat

Recommending nutritional supplements can be a tricky business for veterinarians. I concentrate on getting my clients to feed their cats a high quality, nutritionally balanced food that is made from natural ingredients. This takes care of the...


Photos: Determining the Sex of a Cat

Filed Under Health, Kitten

What is My Kitten's Gender? Determining the sex of a cat can be difficult at times, especially if there is no other cat (or kitten) with which to compare the anatomy. So how can you tell if you have a Merlin or a Misty, a Rex or a...


Feeding Schedule for Kittens

Filed Under Nutrition, Kitten

By Lorie Huston, DVM Feeding your new kitten properly is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your kitten grows into a healthy cat. Choosing the right food for your kitten is one of the first things to consider. Let’s...


How to Change Your Cat's Food Brand Quickly

Filed Under Nutrition, Adult Cat, Senior Cat

Switching Cat Food Due to Pet Food Recall, etc. By Jennifer Coates, DVM Changes to a cat’s diet should be made gradually. In fact, taking five to seven days to mix increasing amounts of the new brand of cat food in...


The Special Nutritional Needs of Kittens

Filed Under NutritionNuggets-Cats, Kitten

Did you know that in the United States the average feline family has 2.2 cats? It can be awfully tempting to feed all of the cats in your house the same thing, but kittens, adult cats, and mature cats all have different nutritional needs that...


Senior Pet Objections in Veterinary Medicine

Filed Under FullyVetted, Senior Cat

Translation: I shouldn’t make a big deal out of all that gray stuff oozing from his gums, the green goobers clouding his puffy eyes, or the crusty stuff covering that mass he’s got on his lip. (Remember: I’m not even to...


Top Ten Tips on How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Filed Under Grooming, Adult Cat

Unlike us, cats can’t brush their teeth or find a suitable domesticated replacement for chewing on bones and grass, their way of keeping their teeth clean if they’re out in the wild. Here are ten ways to establish good dental hygiene.


How Long Do Cats Live?

Filed Under TheDailyVet

This question, typically rephrased as, "How long will my cat (or dog, horse, chinchilla, etc.) live," is something veterinarians hear on a daily basis. Of course, nobody can tell you how long a particular individual’s life span...


Four Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained While You’re Away

Filed Under Care, Adult Cat

When faced with leaving their furry companions alone during the day, pet parents often suffer from separation anxiety -- not so much from their pets as from themselves and their own guilt over leaving their pets to fend for themselves in a lonely...


Exercising with Your Cat: A How-To Guide

Filed Under Wellness, Adult Cat

Do you worry that your indoor cat is not getting enough exercise? While it is true that cats have the evolutionary advantage of a high metabolism that works even as they lounge around (see lions in the wild), they do still need some...


How to Determine the Sex of a Kitten

Filed Under General Health, Kitten

By T. J. Dunn, Jr., DVM Now that you are about to pick out a kitten from the shelter you will surely want to know what sex it is. I have seen many tiny kittens with names such as Tommy or Rex or Brutus who actually were female! You...


Cats Are Different: How a Cat's Nutritional Needs are Different from a Dog's

Filed Under Nutrition, Adult Cat

Our wonderful life-supporting planet is home to a remarkably diverse and complex spectrum of living organisms. And although all living things do share some common traits and similar biochemical pathways and cellular functions, there...


Obesity in Cats... and What to do About an Overweight Cat

Filed Under Nutrition, Adult Cat

[video] Ever wonder what to do about your overweight cat? Overweight and actually obese cats outnumber cats of normal weight and are being seen more and more commonly by veterinarians for various disorders. In fact, obesity in cats can...


10 Tips for New Cat Owners

Filed Under Care, Kitten, Adult Cat

Important Things You Should Know Before Bringing a Cat Home Cats make great companions. Not only do they look good, they also keep mice away and have built-in motors. That's pretty cool. But there's more to owning...


Senior Cats: A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Filed Under Care, Senior Cat

Taking Care of Your Furry Senior Kitizens While cats aren’t going to need Botox or face-lifts as they grow older, they will need you to keep caring for them the way you have been -- with love and devotion. Caring for a senior...


10 Herbs to Improve Your Cat's Health

Filed Under Wellness, Kitten, Adult Cat

Herbs for Common Cat Ailments If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, a balcony, or even just a sunny window sill, then you can grow your own herb garden. Herbs grow easily, are delicious, and certain herbal cat remedies are not...


A Quick Guide to Looking After a Pregnant Cat

Filed Under Care, Adult Cat

Pregnant cat on your hands? Don’t panic. Cats have been having kittens since, well, forever. There is a lot of information out there to sort through, so we've made it easy for you with our list of five important things you...


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Q. Why do kittens meow?

A. The truth of the matter is there isn't one clear answer. However, many experts agree...

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Q. Why do kittens purr?

A. A kitten's purr is another complex emotional signal that is designed to communicate...

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Q. Should I speak to my kitten?

A. Yes, by all means, please do. The happiest kittens are those that feel like part...

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