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DIY Litter Box Air Fresheners


DIY Litter Box Air Fresheners are perfect for last-minute guest arrivals, as gifts, or for a quick spruce up around the house. 


Your kitty won’t mind either. These natural little packets won’t interfere as she goes about her business, but they will make being near the litter box a lot more pleasant.


Step1: Activated Charcoal


You can buy activated charcoal at your local hardware store. The surface area of activated charcoal is extremely porous, making it a sort of sponge for trapping odors.


Activated charcoal is also used in air filters, aquarium filters, and even as a medication in poisoning cases to absorb stomach contents. This little mineral packs a big punch.


Step 2: Cheesecloth


Cheesecloth is a loosely woven cotton used to filter whey from curds in cheese making. You can purchase it at the grocery store.


If you can’t find cheesecloth consider substituting nylon stockings or another net-like fabric.


Step 3: Tie Up and Go


Now you simply scoop a few tablespoons of activated charcoal into a few layers of cheesecloth and create a bundle that you sew up or tie tightly with twine.


Bury it in the litter and forget about the smell!


DIY Litter Box Air Freshener Image via Shutterstock


Article originally appeared on Pet360.com

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