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Nebelung, Mix

An adotable cat in Morgan Hill, CA

  • Adult
  • Large
  • Male

Are you kiddin' me? Are you KIDDIN' me????? That's what Diller seems to be thinking as his foster mom takes yet another photo of him, trying to capture his sweet and loving nature, not his "OMG, get away from me with that camera!" expression.

Diller is a sweet guy with the cutest expressive face and little white goatee on his chin. He's very playful, active, and into everything, then turns on the, "who, me?" innocence when he gets into trouble, which happens frequently and usually when he tries to be a tough guy and bully one of his fostermates. But all-in-all, he does get along well with his fostermates, despite his impish attitude. He's a devilish instigator one minute, a cuddlebug the next, so if you're looking for a companion where you won't know what to expect, Diller's your fella. The other thing he delights in doing is literally being in your face, especially first thing in the morning. If you need someone to wake you up every day, whether you want to or not, just adopt Diller and you'll never be late. He loves to get up in your face, repeatedly, till you think, "Why can't he get the hint?" He certainly is a determined fella, and knows that he wants to be close to your face, touching your nose with his. Sitting on your lap just isn't sufficient. He's very loving, and needs (dare I say, demands) a LOT of attention, so if you want a kitty to be almost always by your side, then Diller should be at the top of your adoption list. He wants to be in your arms or on your lap nearly 24/7, so be prepared to get very little done around your house after you adopt him.

Adopting a young adult is a 10-20 year commitment, is beneficial because their personalities are developed, and will provide many years of love, devotion, entertainment, and companionship. Diller's ideal humans are those who crave the fun, energy, joy, and inquisitiveness of a kitty, and will happily include him in their daily activities. He'll do best in an active home with another pet (hopefully with one of his fostermates) to keep him company. With a loving family, he'll be a wonderful and constant companion for many years.

Born in July 2012, Diller is a gray-smoke and white Nebelung DMH male (like a long-haired Russian Blue), with stunning amber eyes. He is dewormed, deflead, fully vaccinated (FVRCP and rabies), tested negative for FeLV, neutered, and microchipped for identification. He uses the litterbox and scratching post, and must be indoors-only.

Please contact Diller's foster mom at ageddes@charter.net or call (408) 681-3788 (voicemail) for more information about adoption; messages returned within 24 hours.

Contact Info



Morgan Hill, CA

Phone: (408) 681-3788

Email: adopt@fosmas.org

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