Hi folks. Welcome to my introductory, inaugural blog. 

I just spent 45 minutes trying to get the kids into bed. You see, the 5-year-old wants to sleep in my room. He and his brother have been sleeping in there for the last two weeks because their heater was broken. It’s fixed now, thus the battle begins.

Do I cave so they will just go to sleep, or do I stick to my guns so he doesn’t get what he wants every time? Which solution will screw him up the least when he grows up?

This is the life of a part-time vet and a full-time mom. That’s right, I’m a veterinarian. Just a regular general practitioner, nothing fancy. I like to write; I’m not one to keep my opinions all bottled up inside (I’ve been called a "fiery Cuban" on occasion). I like to take difficult topics in my field and simplify them so they actually make sense.

Speaking of difficult, tonight’s nutritious dinner was burned Polish sausage (grill mishap, but at least the Husband did the cooking. I’ll take the help wherever I can), salad with lots of cheese and ranch dressing, a third of a goat cheese, and a cranberry log (left over from last week’s Bunco) with crackers. I’ve gained four pounds as a result of holiday overindulgence and stress-eating. I promised myself I would go back to the gym in January and lose the weight in time for next year’s holidays.

But wait, my ob/gyn picked up a heart arrhythmia during my lovely annual exam/session of sitting there in the cold room in that stupid gown that opens to the front. Side bar: I just came up with the best idea ever! Snuggie ob/gyn gowns! That way you can be uncomfortable and awkward, but at least you’ll be warm. 

Sorry, I digress. Anyhow, the arrhythmia means that I could drop dead if I over exert myself, right? So, I suppose it would be best to hold off on that gym trip. (Well, my doc said that it wasn’t a big deal, but you can never be too careful). This suits me just fine. I hate exercise. I think it stems from the childhood trauma of wearing those hideous uniforms in PE. Shudder. 
I was going to avoid wine tonight to cut calories, but after that bedtime debacle, forget it. Wine is the lifeblood of harried parents.

I’m always tired. I never get enough sleep. Mom brain is a real entity and it pisses me off. There was a time when I didn’t even need to write appointments on a calendar. Now I walk around once a month with a big "HW" written on my hand in ink, reminding me to give the dogs their heartworm pills. 

For the most part I can function just fine at work. Granted, I’m late every single day because getting the kids to school every morning is a Herculean task requiring every ounce of strength, patience, wit, charm — and sometimes brute force — that I can muster. 

Generally, I feel like my life is this roaring river that I’m being swept along in, just doing my best to stay afloat. Just to complicate things, I took this blog gig. I thought maybe you folks could find some humor or a kindered spirit in my day-to-day adventures and observations. Of course, hopefully you’ll learn some cool vet stuff in the process, too.

This whole thing is kind of exciting and a little scary. But with any luck, I hope to make you laugh and maybe even cry sometimes. I want to make you think and hopefully learn a little, too. 

Welcome to my blog, I hope you like it.  



Dr. Vivian Cardoso-Carroll

Pic of the day: "Grilled Apple Sausage" by H. Michael Karshis