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The Daily Vet by petMD

The Daily Vet is a blog featuring veterinarians from all walks of life. Every week they will tackle entertaining, interesting, and sometimes difficult topics in the world of animal medicine – all in the hopes that their unique insights and personal experiences will help you to understand your pets.

Dr. Mahaney's 2012 Wrap-Up

Having been a contributor to petMD’s Daily Vet for over a year, there have been many topics on which I’ve lent my veterinary perspective in 2012.

To conclude the year, I’m going share what I feel are my top articles of 2012, along with one written by each of my Daily Vet cohorts that contain information of crucial importance to pet health and welfare. Some articles may focus on controversial topics, but anything about which we Daily Vets feel passionate about, and that benefits animal and mankind, is fodder for discussion.

Maybe you’ve read the following articles or perhaps they are fresh to your eyes. Regardless, please feel free to Facebook "like" and Tweet them to other animal lovers worldwide.

Molly’s Bill Exempts Some Dogs from Rabies Vaccination

The passing of Molly’s bill (AB 258) in California is very important to me, as I have an immune system compromised dog whose health could readily worsen if I was legally required to administer the vaccination for Rabies.

Amazon CARES's No-Kill Animal Shelter Struggles to Recover from Devastating Flood

Having spent weeks in Peru volunteering with Amazon CARES in 2011, I recognize the need for rescue organizations to provide medical care to impoverished communities in Third World countries. The flood that destroyed the Amazon CARES shelter in the spring of 2012 has made it even more challenging for the rescue to meet its demands. Amazon CARES needs your help.

Commemorating the 11th Anniversary of 9/11: Penn Vet Working Dog Center Holds its Grand Opening

As the University of Pennsylvania is my alma mater, I am enthused to announce the opening of a forward thinking facility that will ultimately improve the safety of mankind.

A Veterinarian's Perspective on Treating a Cat from Hell

Having been called upon by Jackson Galaxy to evaluate and treat some of the hellish cats seen on Animal Planet’s My Cat from Hell, I’m compelled to share my holistic veterinary perspective on caring for these fractious felines.

Top Ten Topics Veterinarians Wish Pet Owners Better Understood, Part 1

Top Ten Topics Veterinarians Wish Pet Owners Better Understood, Part 2

Basic and common sense principles by which caretakers of canine or feline companions should adhere are often overlooked until otherwise preventable medical problems occur. To start the new year, join me in a pledge to prevent illness, or to manage it during the inception stage.

Are You Poisoning Your Companion Animal by Feeding ‘Feed Grade’ Foods?

Recommending sources of nutrients that are whole food based and closely resembling the way nature intended them to be consumed is a vitally important component of my veterinary practice. Unfortunately, the whole food message is often lost due to the ease of feeding commercially available kibble and canned pet foods. As a result, pets are getting fatter and sicker from years of consuming processed foods.

What’s Breed Got to Do With It?

Having witnessed the winner of the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club dog show (a Pekingese — what the ****?), I vented my frustrations about the club’s selection of a breed with many confirmation-related health problems, many of which most potential Pekingese owners are painfully unaware.

And now for my fellow Daily Vets.

The Frustrating Vaccine Related Sarcoma

Dr. Joanne Intile shared her veterinary oncology insight on this frustrating disease, which occurs as the result of veterinarians’ attempts to prevent the contraction of infectious disease.

Be Prepared to Care for Your Cat in a Natural Disaster

As 2012 was a year full of natural disasters (Hurricane Sandy, wildfires in the Midwest, etc.), I was so pleased to read Dr. Lorie Houston’s article on prepping your cat for a quick getaway.

Pet Food: The Quality/Cost Conflict

Being a holistic veterinary practitioner, I’m always striving to educate my clients about the fundamental differences between human grade foods and the feed-grade ingredients used in many commercially available pet foods. Dr. Kenneth Tudor brought up some very valid points about the format in which most pets are fed.

Hazards in the Field: Zoonotic Diseases in Large Animals

I find the topic of zoonotic disease (those that are capable of spreading among species) to be quite fascinating, yet I’m primarily concerned with the cat and dog ends of the spectrum. Therefore, I appreciate the better understanding Dr. Anna O’Brien brought on treating zoonotic diseases from the large animal perspective.


Well, there you have it. Happy New Year to you all, and I look forward to bringing new and intriguing material to The Daily Vet in 2013.

patrick mahaney, cardiff the dog, happy new year, daily vet

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Image: Bruno by likeablerodent / via Flickr

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