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Will Mitt Romney's Dog Affect Your Vote?

Having worked in clinical veterinary practice for over twenty years, I have seen innumerable examples of dogs and cats reacting in a manner exemplifying their perception of the creatures with whom they interact. From a dog wagging its tail to indicate willingness to engage to a cat hissing at an offending circumstance, a variety of physical manifestations exemplify our pets’ biological response to their environment.

Our pets are a great judge of character. If my dog Cardiff gives any signals that a particular person’s presence or behavior is off-putting, we maintain our distance and keep our guard up.

So, I wonder how Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus felt about his "master" while being transported in a carrier on the roof of the family car over the span of a twelve hour road trip. Instead of being properly kept inside the car, Seamus was banished to the roof while the Romneys drove from Massachusetts to Ontario, BC, in June 1983.

Reports of this incident garnered initial attention in Neil Swidey’s series of 2007 Boston Globe articles published during Romney’s first presidential run.

Despite the wind-shield that was apparently incorporated into the crate’s structure, Seamus was likely exposed to loud sounds associated with the wind, the Romney’s car, and other vehicles. Additionally, other environmental stressors, including heat and humidity (it was summer in New England, after all), would create a less than safe environment for Seamus.

The physical and emotional trauma created by Seamus’s experience caused him to lose control of his bowels, prompting Romney to stop at a gas station to clean off the car, the carrier, and his distressed pooch. Unfortunately, Romney did not recognize the adverse effects his chosen canine transportation was having on Seamus; he returned him to the rooftop crate for the remainder of the drive.

This is an experience that no living creature should be subjected to. Ingrid Newkirk, president and cofounder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), denounced Romney, which elicited his declaration that "[his] dog likes fresh air."

Seemingly, Romney still does not see Seamus’s transportation as being improper. In April 2012, during an ABC News interview, Diane Sawyer inquired about the Seamus incident and if Romney would ever do it again, to which Romney answered, "Certainly not with the attention it's received."

Actually, in Massachusetts (Romney’s gubernatorial state) it is illegal to transport your pet in an unsafe manner — including putting them in the back of a pickup truck. Doing so is considered animal cruelty according to The 187th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts CHAPTER 272 Section 77 Cruelty to Animals, which states:

"whoever … carries [an animal] or causes it to be carried in or upon a vehicle, or otherwise, in an unnecessarily cruel or inhuman manner or in a way and manner which might endanger the animal carried thereon, or knowingly and willfully authorizes or permits it to be subjected to unnecessary torture, suffering or cruelty of any kind shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years or imprisonment in the house of correction for not more than 2 ½ years or by a fine of not more than $2,500, or by both such fine and imprisonment."

Seamus ultimately was sent to California to live with Romney’s sister, Jane Romney Robinson, after "he kept ending up at the pound. They were worried about him getting hit crossing the street. We had more space, so he could roam more freely."

Although we don’t know to what age Seamus lived, Robinson reportedly said that he survived until "a ripe old age."

As an advocate of animal health and wellness, I’m offended by Mitt’s improper transport of Seamus and said as much when I publicized my views through a video I did for Teddy Hilton, Perez Hilton’s pet-centric website. See Dr. Patrick Mahaney On Pet Car Safety And Mitt Romney.

I’m pleased to learn of others striving to keep this issue under the media spotlight. Devo, of "Whip It" fame, released a single titled "Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)" in 2012.

Additionally, the movement of Dogs Against Romney helps to generate animal welfare awareness. Scott Crider, founder of Dogs Against Romney, is furthering public interest by promoting an itunes app, The Crate Escape: Seamus Unleashed through his group's Facebook page. Crider says that "in addition to [the app] being fun and hilarious, it raises awareness about a shocking incident of animal cruelty."

Will Romney’s reputation for treating his canine companion in a less than humane fashion affect how people will vote this election? Seemingly yes, as Public Policy Polling (PPP) determined that inhumane treatment of Seamus would cause 35 percent of voters to be less likely to vote for Romney. Regardless of political affiliation, the general consensus is that transporting a pet as Romney did is inhumane. PPP reports this finding among 74% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 63% of Republicans.

Although times have changed since Romney’s Seamus debacle, the underlying thread of inhumane treatment of animals still rings true.

Will this influence your vote? Why or why not?

Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Author's Note 9/20: Thanks so much for your passionate feedback on this (and every) blog and your deep compassion for animals. I'm accustomed to sharing my opinions on this blog, but have never veered in the direction of politics in the past. I fully appreciate and respect every opinion represented. I consider our readers a part of our voice at petMD. As such, I'll be sure to keep this space dedicated to my insights and opinions on animal health and welfare alone moving forward—as we all have our animal's best intentions at heart.


Image: Composite image, from St. Thomas Dog Owners Association and Mehmet Dilsiz on Shutterstock

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  • 09/18/2012 12:17pm

    I love my two dogs, and my cat. They are a part of my family, not just pets. With that said, I am tempted to completely unsubscribe from PetMD. But it is an election year, so everyone feels the need to write an article about which candidate they like or oppose and why. I susbcribe to this to receive what I consider to be great information and articles about pet health, trends, etc. For political commentary I will go to other news sources, not PetMD.

  • Election year commentary
    09/18/2012 12:58pm

    I agree that this really isn't a forum for political views. I think there are too many issues at stake this year and this seems a little biased in my opinion.

    Better question...how do you feel about the immediate world around you for your animals?

  • Romney's dog
    09/18/2012 01:08pm

    Thank you for this post. I could not imagine voting for Romney in the first place, but his treatment of his pet is outrageous. Very revealing, as are his recent and well-publicized comments about 47% of the public. Empathy is important. We have empathy not only for other humans, but for these intelligent animals who love us and depend on us for care. Lack of this feeling is suggestive of sociopathy. Doubtless, some will disagree with me, such as the previous poster. To explain this to such people is perhaps like explaining the beauty of a Beethoven slow movement to a tone-deaf person who just cannot get it.

    I just wish Obama had a White House Cat, as well as a dog.

  • 09/18/2012 01:19pm


    I think this post is starting down a road I don't think you want to go down. Voicing recrimination about a candidate without knowing the facts is just ignorant.

    I guess you are doing well in this climate because there are 23 million unemployed and I think you should investigate why we are in such a mess and stop with the talking points.

    To be truthful..Obama ATE dog ...read his book!

  • 09/18/2012 01:37pm

    Your reply is incomprehensible and devoid of intellectual content, as far as I can see. I have read it 3x and still am unable to discern your point though it is obvious you were offended. If you have a cogent argument I would be happy to hear it.

  • 09/18/2012 01:50pm

    I'm sorry that you don't understand what this article was about or my reply. I'll try to make it clearer for you.

    This is nothing more than a political hit piece and it does not belong on a Petmed site!

    You have now stated that you believe this baloney about a incident that happened 20 years ago, and to be frank I don't see anything that would amount to cruelty.

    You want dishonest? Just look at this current administration---nothing but lies, lies and more lies!

    Have a nice day

  • 09/19/2012 12:41am

    You are of the same human value as Mahaney who needs to use such a forum as this to puff up his ego and portray himself as an intellect. This is not the setting for Mahaney's juvenile ranting and you sir, may be fluent in using the English language; however, it also reveals your need to feel superior, which is indicative of cowardice, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth and just plain ole "look at me and all the big words I know... look how smart and important I am... too bad I, and society, know I'm really a loser." Get over yourself... you and Mahaney both need to sign off of this forum.

  • Gratuitous slam
    09/18/2012 01:14pm

    I really think that if you don't like a candidate in this presidential election, you still should try to keep your political views out of a discussion about your professional work.

    I see no mention of Obama actually having eaten dogs in the past.

    I see no mention of Obama's USDA trying to end hobby breeding in the USA by re-writing its regulations.

  • Stay on Message
    09/18/2012 01:17pm

    This is old news and the column smacks of a hit piece. If you don't want to vote for Mitt Romney, that's your choice. With big issues such as the economy, domestic security, monetary policy, etc., facing our nation, I'll not be basing my choice on how one of the candidates transported his dog many years ago.

  • politics
    09/18/2012 01:25pm

    In the first two previous comments, I see nothing of politics, nor do I see anything political in Dr. Mahaney's post. I only see animal cruelty. Perhaps my own post was, in a small way, political, but no apologies. It is legitimate, IMHO, to comment about people's actions in the world, regardless of their views about economic theory, etc. I do believe, however, that people who are cruel, unfeeling and shallow, or dishonest, in some areas, will be so in other areas as well. Just as much, I believe that those who are dishonest in small ways will also be dishonest in large ways.

  • 09/18/2012 02:35pm

    Please comment on Obama choosing to EAT dog meat.

  • 09/18/2012 03:01pm

    Is this in any way germane to this discussion? I don't know anything about Obama eating dog meat. I have no knowledge of this. In my own training I did experiments on dogs, dissected animals, etc. I am not so happy about this. If I were in a place where such animals were being eaten, I would probably do the same thing, if only just for the experience. This would probably even extend to bush meat, were I in Congo, etc., and that was what the people I was with were eating at the time. I do not understand what point you are trying to make.

  • 09/18/2012 03:03pm

    lefty, if you don't know about Obama eating dogs, then you have not read his autobiographies.

  • 09/18/2012 03:16pm

    So it's Ok to eat dog just don't put them in crate for transport on top of your car?

    Good one

  • 09/19/2012 01:18am

    That's exactly what lefty is implying in his post. And, he directly contradicts himself with what he has written in previous posts... He is as ignorant as Mahaney.

  • 09/19/2012 12:56am

    This comment is a direct opposition and contrast to your previous one... where you carry on so valiantly about animal cruelty and if someone behaves in such a cruel, harsh, insensitive way once then he will do it again and is not worthy of your vote... This comment truly shows how ignorant you are... you cannot even keep a cohesive train of thought. The reason our country is in the state of shamble it is in is because people voted for Obama for reasons that were NOT relevant to the office or character of the President of The United States. At least try to keep the context of your comments consistent.

  • 09/18/2012 03:04pm

    In Obama's book "Dreams of my Father", he said he ate dog meat.

  • 09/18/2012 05:41pm

    He was ELEVEN. Let's not try to compare an adult making the decision to subject his own dog to several hours of psychological torture to a child being given something to eat, o.k.?

  • addendum to "politics"
    09/18/2012 01:52pm

    Anyone who can afford to cput a horse on a transatlantic flight should certainly be able to vtransport the family dog appropriately.

  • 09/18/2012 02:10pm

    What does John Kerry have to do with this?

  • 09/18/2012 02:17pm

    Who mentioned John Kerry?

    Can you read?

  • 09/18/2012 02:17pm

    Obviously Lefty has his bias but can't decide who to blame!

  • Not a Political Forum
    09/18/2012 02:32pm

    I subscribed to this site for pet health information not someones political view. I am more disgusted by the state of our Nation than by a poor decision a man made years ago.
    Stay on topic or count me out as a reader.

  • Dr. M should know better
    09/18/2012 03:42pm

    As an animal welfare educator, I have learned a lot about people's understanding and lack of knowledge in pet care.

    Especially 20 years ago when we did NOT have the knowledge we have today. How many people tethered their dog years ago and that was considered acceptable? How many people had outdoor cats that were unspayed/unneutered? My family was one of them--that was 30 years ago. We had no idea it would lead to overpopulation in 20 years. Does this make me an inhumane person? Certainly not.

    I do not believe for a second Mitt Romney had any cruel intentions toward the family dog. I still see similar examples today--people with first time pets who are not knowledgeable of certain dangers.

    Many dogs ride in fast boats with their owners--the wind blowing over their entire body. Perhaps Mr. Romney thought it was the same.

    In working and communicating with many passionate animal educators, advocates and owners, I see that passion will sometimes clouds one's clarity and ability to see reality and reach reasonable conclusion.

    Candidly I am quite surprised and disappointed that Dr. Mahaney falls into this category--to link an incident of 20 years ago and assume Mr. Romney was being cruel. But thankfully this comment section allows other educators like myself to balance this article and remind readers of the reality of 20 years ago.

    While I may not agree with Dr. Mahaney, I still appreciate his other skills and positive contributions. I will still continue to follow PetMD. The varied articles on care, prevention, updates on diseases and treatments and the real life examples offered by readers helps me in my work in caring for rescued cats and dogs and having informed discussions with myu vet.

    So to answer the question, no the dog incident of 20 years ago will not affect my decision on who to vote for. Nor should it be a factor in any voter's decision making.

  • What about now?
    09/18/2012 04:00pm

    First let me say that I am an animal lover, and I love dogs especially. While I think the way Romney transported his dog was appalling, I think it speaks more of ignorance of the times than intended cruelty. It was almost 30 years ago, and people sometimes thought differently than we do now. Many people still transport their dogs in the back of pickups, which is incredibly dangerous, but I would venture to say that if you asked them, they would swear that they loved their dogs. I don't believe Romney *intended* to be cruel. To say he was guilty of abuse, you would also have to say that parents of the 60s, 50s, and before were all guilty of child abuse for not putting their children in car seats and seat belts. But it's just the way things were at the time. Now we have learned and know better. I would have to see how he interacts with his animals now to make an informed decision on whether he is cruel to animals. If this had happened in the past couple of years, it would be different, and I think your point in bringing it up as questioning Romney's character would be more valid. But since it was so long ago in a differently thinking world, I think it is an effort to sway public opinion on a candidate. You could have just written a newsletter on the safe transport of pets.

  • 09/18/2012 04:32pm

    I agree with your assessment and final conclusion regarding this so called wading into the political area.

    However, going back to the article, Dr Mahaney states that he will continue to rile up "Dogs against Romney".
    Further reading he states that he is linked up with Perez Hilton, who happens to use hate as a way to get his messages across.

    He will lose this audience if he continues to spew politics instead of sticking to related pet issues.

  • Great Article
    09/18/2012 04:35pm

    Hey, idiot Republicans, the issue is the dog on top of the car. It matters not who put him there. It just so happens Romney did.

  • 09/19/2012 01:27am

    And it just so happens Obama ate dogs... and as an adult he writes about it in such a way as to pay homage to his father... he is, as an adult, proud of the experience.

  • Romney's Dog
    09/18/2012 05:46pm

    What Romney did 20 years ago will not affect my vote, and like all educated readers I looked up the story and discovered that the dog loved his crate, Romney put up an air barrier, and the dog defecated in the crate was not because he was in duress but because he had gotten a hold of turkey meat he had stolen off the dinning room table.

    I also will unsubscribe to this publication if political views are expressed when all I want to know is how to care for my pets. Maybe if Romney had read articles on how to travel with a dog properly he would have done things differently. Just saying

  • 09/18/2012 06:44pm

    If Obama strapped his dog to the roof of his car, he would lose my vote [snap] just like that. Romney should lose your vote too.

  • Shows a pattern
    09/18/2012 07:19pm

    This may have happened a long time ago but I believe that it shows a pattern of near sociopathic inability to empathize with either animals or other human beings. His remarks showing that he has no concern for our troops, his continued demonstration that he has no interest of what the poor and middle class have to deal with (middle income starts below $250,000 indeed!) and his statement that it's not his job to deal with the 47% all demonstrate his innapropriate affect.

  • 09/18/2012 08:39pm

    Sociopathic behavior because you put a dog in a crate 20 years ago? You have been drinking the koolaid way too long!
    20 years ago they let children ride in the front seat without a seatbelt, smoke in restaurants---my gosh we must be all sociopaths!

    Talking points that's all this is.

  • 09/18/2012 08:48pm

    A pattern, Eliza, a pattern considered with everything else. Take one part of a comment out of context - funny that's just what Mitt likes to do.

  • 09/18/2012 09:00pm

    A pattern is a great comment...so here you go;

    Obama promises transparency....No
    Obama promises unemployment to be below 8% ...NO
    Obama promises better relation with Muslims...No
    Obama promised to let people read his healthplan..No
    Obama promises to follow the constitution...a big No

    More people on foodstamps ever in history..
    23 million unemployed...
    Country more uncivilized and divided than ever..
    Class warfare..

    Yes, we do have a pattern!

  • 09/18/2012 09:07pm

    And here I thought we were talking about Romney.

  • 09/18/2012 09:15pm

    Think you should be "fair and balanced".

  • my vote
    09/18/2012 09:16pm

    Can you name the author of this quote?

    “With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share.”

    That was Obamas own words from his book "Dreams from my Father: A story of Race and Inheritance" chapter 2.

    If I had to vote one way or another, I vote to have my dog or my neighbors dog on top of my car in a crate, not in my stomach.

  • 09/18/2012 11:58pm

    How can I word this comment appropriately: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and it must be said... thank you!

    And I don't care if Obama was only 11 when he ate dog meat... it was the "of age" Obama who wrote this in a tone that suggests homage to his Lolo for feeding him dog and tiger meat, et al. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover... however, the title of this one says it all; especially the word Inheritance.

    As far as this Mahoney guy who wrote this article... he is the same one that pitched a fit because another vet charged him (or one of his colleagues)just as if they were ordinary clients... THEY ARE. This individual is a poor representative for PetMD, as he chooses to contribute his time and efforts to causing dispute, anger, controversy, and divide amongst the readers of PetMD... rather than bringing the pet owner community information and knowledge that would be useful and create a cohesive environment where people can unite in their passion and effort regarding the well-being of all pets and animals. He writes these kind of articles in this sort of forum because it makes him feel intellectual and important to have all these readers debating his work. Unfortunately his work has nothing to do with wanting to help others by providing relevant materials to those of us who love our pets and consider them family. He couldn't careless about people or their pets... he cares about how important it makes him feel to get so many replies. They need to ban his input on PetMD because if he is representative of what this forum is truly about, then I'd rather not be a part of it as a subscriber any longer.

  • for Christi Ra
    09/18/2012 09:32pm

    The left is always saying how tolerant they are, don't resort to name calling. Please don't call republicans idiots. I happen to be conservative and I am not an idiot.

  • 09/18/2012 09:43pm

    It happens to be in their playbook.Don't deal with facts.


  • Oh My!
    09/18/2012 10:48pm

    My Internet was down this morning so I wasn't able to check out today's posts.

    Oh my! Looks like I missed quite a discussion.

  • 09/18/2012 11:32pm

    Do these DVM's just submit anything they wish to this site and call it informative or in the best interest of the pet community? PetMD needs to assemble an authoritative body to read these articles and deem them worthy of publishing on this site, or scratch them from publication altogether when they do not serve that which is implied in PETMD's purpose for this forum.

    Is this not the same vet who threw a temper tantrum and went on a rant because another vet charged him, or one of his colleagues, for rendering services that would be charged to any other client? Yes it is you... Is your practice of veterinary medicine that unimpressive that you must find irrelevant, offensive and controversial topics to discuss in an effort to portray yourself as superior intellect? Your insignificance and low self-esteem is evident in that you find it necessary to write on topics with content that will result in an abundance of replies. However, unlike most of the Veterinary Doctors and Experts in their field who contribute to this forum, you knowingly choose topics that will cause conflict and divide the reading audience, rather than evoke passion and unity for the care and concern of pets/animals. That is typical for behavioral patterns of BULLIES... and we all know what years of research has demonstrated about BULLIES... low self-worth, low self-esteem, victims of abuse, insatiable need for attention and ego stroking, poor body image, underachiever and often unresolved issues of sexuality/sexual identity and the list goes on.

    You contribute nothing of value in a forum that should be geared toward a cohesive bond in human spirit and voice for the betterment of those who cannot speak for themselves. Instead, in a cowardice act, you hide behind this forum and give voice to ignorance, hate, and discord. Yours is the disgruntled whining of the self-serving and self-absorbed individual who believes himself to be of great value and importance; however, his thoughts, opinions, ideas, works and words prove, both to himself and others, that he is nothing of what he believes himself to be. This article, as well as others I have read, are indicative of the degree to which you are juvenile and adolescent... nothing more than a BULLY.

    PETMD, "professionals," such as Mr. Mahoney, preclude your efforts to bring informative, helpful and inspiring materials to your readers regarding the well-being of pets/animals. Articles like this actually inhibit your mission to bring an awareness of the importance of pet care, health and wellness to the humans responsible for such.

    If I read another article by this author, I will unsubscribe to PETMD and start a one-person campaign to discredit this site as a source for reliable information regarding pet health and RELATED SUBJECTS. My efforts may prove ineffective; however, I would be making more of a contribution to pet care than Mr. Mahoney ever has in his self-serving, egotistical, attention seeking, irrelevant rantings you allow to be published on PETMD.

  • 09/19/2012 12:10am

    No, Amanda. He was not the one who threw that rant about the vet who would not give her a "professional courtesy" discount. That was a female who I don't think is on the list anymore. Dr. Mahaney has other personal issues, which he feels he needs to throw out for discussion in inappropriate forums. Like, what in the world does sexual preference has to do with being a veterinarian?

  • 09/19/2012 01:37am

    He certainly did state his opinion about the lack of professional courtesy she received... I know he responded to something I posted on the subject. And, are you asking me about sexuality and veterinary medicine? Or stating that Mahaney posted something on the two subjects, which are NOT related in my opinion. I simply listed confusion about sexuality as one of many characteristics that is often associated with Bullies (it is the "confusion" that is relevant in the research on bullying.)

  • Classic Bully behavior
    09/19/2012 12:28am

    This incident occurred appx 30 yrs ago, at a time when animal rights and humane treatment of animals was not the zeitgeist. Mr. Mahoney, would you like a dictionary?

    Mahoney must publish these sorts of rhetoric and irrelevance in a forum that SHOULD promote friendly, united, cohesive conversation regarding the health and care of pets, because he is a bully. And today, research shows that the bully is truly the coward... low self-worth, low self-esteem, victim of abuse, confused sexual identity, the unfulfilled need for attention and to feel relevant, the need to PORTRAY himself as intelligent and important however socially irrelevant he may actually be. You Mr. Mahaney (Mahoney or whatever you name is)... You are what is wrong with America and PetMD, shame on you for allowing this.

  • Really?!
    09/19/2012 12:37am

    This article is ridiculous and I am no longer subscribing to your website or your daily articles. I'm so tired of Liberals and their ways of trying to make everyone on the Right look like cruel, selfish people. Shame on you, PetMd and Dr. Mahoney. This website is supposed to be about the health of our pets, not your political views, Dr. Mahoney. SHAME ON YOU.

  • The Old Broad
    09/19/2012 12:51am

    The Old Broad- sorry your internet was down. I was wondering about it as you are usually the first to post on an article!!

  • 09/19/2012 12:25pm

    Wow! People are really taking this article WAYYY too seriously.

    I'm willing to take the question posed "Will this widely reported incident affect how you vote?" at face value. A hit piece? Please, every news outlet has touched on this and it sounded to me like the author is just curious about whether it has factored into the way people intend to vote.

    I came here hoping to satisfy my curiosity on that point, but the right wing outrage machine seems to have been cranked into high gear in the comments, so no luck there.

    As for me, *if* there were no other differences between the candidates, and *if* this incident wasn't one of a series that indicates Romney's utter lack of empathy for any creature he views as lesser than himself, then yes, this would cause me to vote against Romney.

    However, there are much larger issues at stake in this election: affordable health care, womens' rights, immigration policy, foreign policy, job creation, the crumbling national infrastructure (including, but not limited to education), workers' rights, corporate takeover of government, environmental protection, energy policy. These things are important enough to me that *if* Romney could demonstrate he had a better plan for dealing with these issues, then he would have my vote.

    Unfortunately, he has repeatedly demonstrated his contempt for those he does not deem his peers, and has not given any indication that he has a better plan to deal with the issues. So I'll be voting for Obama again.

  • Readers' Concerns
    09/19/2012 05:13pm

    petMD sincerely apologizes for any offense this blog post has caused. We completely understand the concerns of many of our readers, and we would like to make clear that the opinions expressed in any blog on our site are that of its author and not representative of petMD.com. We always encourage spirited debate and appreciate readers who choose to express their opinions and generate conversations about the issues affecting pet health, welfare, and care. This blog was intended to highlight an incident where the care of an animal was brought into question, not to promote any political affiliation.

    Please know that we do understand the discontentment many readers have expressed, and we will take your comments into consideration when addressing similar topics in the future.

  • 09/19/2012 05:22pm

    You write: "This blog was intended to highlight an incident where the care of an animal was brought into question, not to promote any political affiliation." I don't believe that statement at all. It's only possible intent was to attack a politcal candidate because the author supports his opponent. The author did so quite successfully, and I can tell from his Twitter account Tweets that he is quite pleased with himself about all of this. The article was completely unprofessional, from a veterinary standpoint, and it had absolutely nothing to do with any appropriate topic about veterinary care.

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