It's inevitable that all good things must come to an end, so this is going to be my last Daily Vet blog post for petMD.


Since starting way back in 2011, I've greatly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute my veterinary perspective. I appreciate the ongoing audience participation in the form of comments (especially from TheOldBroad), even when readers may have a point of view different from mine.


I’ll still be doing special projects for petMD, and I'll continue my weekly column, Pet-Lebrity News, on Pet360, where I put a health and safety spin on current events involving celebrities and pets. (Check it out and sign up for convenient e-mail delivery!)


So, with this being my last Daily Vet piece, I wanted to share some of my contributions that I feel have been most influential, controversial, and relevant to canine and feline owners and public health.




Dr. Patrick’s Top Holistic Halloween Pet Safety Tips


Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Clinical Signs, A Hopeful Perspective from Veterinary Oncologists, and Quality of Life


Canine and Feline Diabetes: Are Caretakers and Pet Foods at Fault?


I Saw Fido Eating Toxic Plants, Underneath the Mistletoe Last Night




How My Personal Journey from Fat to Fit Applies to You and Your Pets


Are You Poisoning Your Companion Animal by Feeding 'Feed-Grade' Foods?


Physiologic Urge or Taste Preference: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


Top Ten Topics Veterinarians Wish Pet Owners Better Understood, Part 1


Top Ten Topics Veterinarians Wish Pet Owners Better Understood, Part 2


Spaying Pregnant Dogs in Third World Countries


Will Mitt Romney's Dog Affect Your Vote?


Molly’s Bill Exempts Some Dogs from Rabies Vaccination


Chocolate Toxicity Hits Home


How Christmas Reminds Me of the Most Important Gift of All: My Own Dog's Health




Genetics Markers Prove Dogs Have Evolved to Digest Carbohydrates and Starches


Cosmetic 'Doping' in the Dog Show World


A Debilitated Cat Overcomes the Odds with the Help of Acupuncture


Paraphimosis: Pet Emergency or Owner Embarrassment?


Gang Tattoo Discovered on Abandoned Dog in California


Which Fall Fruits are Healthiest for Pets?


Have You Been Bathing Your Pet With a Cancer Causing Shampoo?


How Patrick the Pit Bull Started an Animal Rights Movement


Can You Feed Your Pet Thanksgiving Foods?


The Battle for Humane Treatment of Food Animals




A Veterinarian's Experience with Treating His Dog's Cancer


Feeding Your Dog During Chemotherapy Treatment


Electronic Cigarettes Connected to Canine Fatalities


The Link Between Pets and Human Health


When Pets Complete Chemotherapy Are They Cancer-Free?


Training the Next Generation of Search and Rescue Dogs


Preventing Vaccine Associated Illness in Pets, Part 1 of 2


Symptoms and Treatment for Vaccine Associated Illness in Pets, Part 2


Documentary on Pet Cancer Aims to Lower Cancer Related Deaths


Does Inappropriate Urination Make Your Feline Friend a Cat From Hell?




There is More Than One Way to Treat Your Pet's Pain




Bon voyage! Being one of petMD’s “Daily Vets” over the past few years has been an experience I’ll always treasure.


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