I was very saddened and shocked to learn of the passing of my fellow veterinarian and writer Lori Huston.


I first got to know Lori on a virtual basis in 2008 when I first started writing for examiner.com. Lori was another Pet Care Examiner and in those days we would receive a weekly update as to which writer had the top readership in our respective categories. Lori was always the top Pet Care Examiner, which motivated me to write more frequently and expand my catalog of topics in an effort to reach the top spot. For complete disclosure, Lorie still typically beat me, which I just came to accept over time. This on-line interaction was the impetus for my professional relationship and friendship with Lori.


Once I realized Lori lived in Providence, Rhode Island, I extended a personal greeting to her, as my extended family is also from New England, but neighboring Massachusetts. While on a trip to visit family, Lori and I had a phone conversation during which she told me about an upcoming event that I’d not previously heard of called BlogPaws. For those of you who are not aware of BlogPaws, it's an annual conference and “inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media.”


She suggested I go to the then upcoming 2010 BlogPaws West, so I signed up and headed east (as I live in Los Angeles) to Denver, CO. While there I met a diverse array of remarkable people, all dedicated to the cause of pet-centric media, including blogging, raising awareness of animal welfare issues, dog and cat (in other species) rescue, and more. I forged many personal and professional connections through my first BlogPaws and have attended or been involved in some capacity as a presenter every year since.


I always looked forward to seeing Lori at BlogPaws and at veterinary conferences in various parts of the country. At BlogPaws 2013 in Tysons Corner, Virginia, Lori and I both sat on an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) panel called Bloggers vs. Veterinarians: It's Not a War, Folks...Come learn How to Get Along, along with some of our fellow veterinarians and writers, including then AAHA President Dr. Kate Knutson and Ireland’s Dr. Pete Wedderburn. We both appreciated the opportunity to connect with bloggers on an ongoing basis, as quite commonly veterinarians feel threatened by bloggers (and sometimes unfairly discredit them) due to their dedication to research and ability to access information with which we may not yet be familiar.


Lorie will greatly be missed as a professional associate and friend, but she left an indelible and positive mark on those who knew her personally, and on pet parents worldwide who followed her great work.


Veterinarian and writer panel from "It's Not a War, Folks...Come learn How to Get Along" at the 2013 BlogPaws conference - Dr. Mahaney is at the far right standing, Dr. Huston is at the far right sitting



Dr. Patrick Mahaney