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Are you looking for the perfect (or should I say purrfect?) gift for the cat lover in your life? If so, a lot will depend on what your friend likes, but I have some suggestions that might help.


I love it when my friends remember my cats. To me, they're part of my family. So I consider it a compliment when one of my friends thinks to gift them with a special toy or treat. I bet your cat loving friend would appreciate it, too. The options are endless. Just go to your local pet store or your favorite online pet place and you’ll find tons of different cat toys and special treats in every price range.


One of my favorite sentimental gifts came from my brother and his wife. It was a personalized calendar that featured photos of all of their pets. One of the photos featured was even a shot of me riding one of their horses, something I love to do when I visit them. For the cat lover in your life, you might even consider a calendar that features photos of your friend's cat and/or other pets. There are a number of printers that can put together a personalized calendar. I think my brother had the one they gave me done at Walgreens.


Triple T Studios (also known as The Tiniest Tiger) has some wonderful totes and hipsters that your cat loving friend might appreciate. I have the hipster and carry it with me everywhere. It's stylish, sturdy, and large enough to fit my wallet, keys, and everything else I typically carry. I highly recommend it.


Here's another idea. Instead of a tote for your friend, how about a tote or pet carrier for their cat? Sturdi Products has some wonderful choices. Every cat should have a carrier of their own for things like trips to the veterinarian or other types of traveling.


My next suggestion will aid both your friend and your friend’s cat. The holidays are a stressful time for many cats. Feliway is a product that can help alleviate some of that stress for your friend’s cat, something both will appreciate. Personally, I like the Feliway diffuser because it can be plugged into any electrical outlet and your friend won’t need to worry about it for a whole month, when it will need to be refilled. However, the spray form is useful for traveling since it can used right in the carrier.


Another option if the cat lover in your life likes to read is a gift of a book or magazine subscription. Cat Fancy is one of my very favorite magazines. There are lots of great reference books on cats, cat health, cat behavior, and more. But if your friend likes fiction, I would recommend Amy Shojai’s thriller Hide and Seek or Dusty Rainbolt’s paranormal mystery Death Under the Crescent Moon.


My final suggestion is actually the one that I personally would like best of all. That suggestion is a donation to your friend’s favorite shelter, rescue, or other cat-related cause. My favorites are Winn Feline Foundation and Morris Animal Foundation. But there are many deserving cat- or animal-related charities that will make great use of any contribution.


And speaking of donations, did you know that when you shop using AdoptAShelter.com you can purchase many of your wonderful gifts as well as your other holiday (or everyday) needs and still contribute to the shelter of your choice? It’s simple and easy. Start at the AdoptAShelter.com site, choose a shelter, choose a store, do your shopping, and your chosen shelter receives a donation at no charge to you. Can you think of a better way to do your holiday shopping?


Dr. Lorie Huston


Image: Lisa A / Shutterstock


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  • Gift Ideas
    12/09/2013 10:01am

    Very interesting blog enjoyed reading it. I have some of the friends who love cats now I won't get confused while gifting them.

  • Morris Animal Foundation
    12/09/2013 05:44pm

    I'm a big fan of the Morris Animal Foundation along with Betty White (who has been associated with them for many years).

    They fund so many studies that are relevant to our fur and feathered friends!

    They've been doing lots of studies on cancer as well as diabetes that will, no doubt, benefit our critters.

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