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The Daily Vet by petMD

The Daily Vet is a blog featuring veterinarians from all walks of life. Every week they will tackle entertaining, interesting, and sometimes difficult topics in the world of animal medicine – all in the hopes that their unique insights and personal experiences will help you to understand your pets.


I am so excited to be joining The Daily Vet blogging team. I have some big shoes to fill here taking over Dr. Coates’s role as the "cat blogger." I'll do my best to keep you entertained and informed as much as she did. And never fear; Dr. Coates is not leaving. She's just moved over to the Fully Vetted blog.

So how did I end up as a blogger here on The Daily Vet? Here's the roundabout version.

I love both dogs and cats but I have a particular fondness for cats. I've lived with cats for my entire life except for a few years in college when I lived in "No Pets Allowed" dorm rooms or apartments.

Currently, I share my house with six cats. Or more appropriately, the six cats allow me to live there with them as long as I keep them fed and pampered. You know how cats are.

All six of my cats were rescued or abandoned at the hospital where I work. There are four males and two females, and all are healthy and happy. I have had to draw the line at six, though I have been tempted many times to add a seventh. Adding my sixth cat, Merlin, has put a strain on the inter-cat relationships. So, we’ve stopped at six in order to keep the "kitty peace," so to speak.

Truth be told, my bed is not big enough for another cat, either, since five of them typically sleep with me and each has to claim his or her own space, usually in the middle of the bed. Thank goodness I have a king-sized bed or there would not be any room left for me.

As for my job as a veterinarian, I take care of both dogs and cats. I do not have a specialty. I am simply an all-purpose general practitioner. But I love my job and would never trade it for anything in the world. I particularly like doing surgery but enjoy interacting with pet owners and their pets, too.

What do I hope to accomplish with this column? Well, that depends a lot on you, my readers. Obviously, I'll be focusing on cats here. We'll talk about cat health, cat behavior, cat training, and cat care. Pretty much all things cat are on the menu. I hope to provide a column that keeps you entertained and engaged, while still keeping you informed about the things you need to know to keep your furry four-legged friends healthy. So I hope you will help me by letting me know what you want to talk about and by adding your comments and questions. Please feel free at any time to let me know if there is a topic you need to know more about or if you feel like I am wandering too far afield.

I will see you again next week. In the meantime, enjoy a good cuddle or two with your kitty.

Dr. Lorie Huston

Pic of the day: "Oh hai..." by bherman

white cat, cat says hi, hai cat, peeking cat

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  • Welcome!
    10/03/2011 06:51am

    Welcome, Dr. Huston!

    I, too, love all critters, but prefer kitties.

    I don't think they make a bed big enough for those of us with more than two cats. Somehow they find a way to expand the amount of geographical space their bodies utilize because the human must become a contortionist to avoid disturbing them.

    I have at least one that, I swear, becomes the size of a Great Dane when sleeping.

  • 10/03/2011 02:01pm

    Ha! I thought I was the only cat owner whose cats grow to the size of a Great Dane when they occupy the bed. It looks like I'm in good company :)

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

  • Meow Welcome!
    10/03/2011 11:15am

    Welcome Dr. Huston!
    A broken record here, I too love dogs and cats but have affinity for felines. I have 5 cats and 2 fosters. But wish I had king size bed as my Queen does not accomodate all my babies. But Johnny Walker is not a cuddler and sleeps in living room. Although he's a great greeter/butler (loves people) or plays Dracula (he's all black cat) and sleeps in closet when it's open. Tiffany sleeps on top stair of carpeted stairs next to my bed for my dog (a cat lover as well). Helio is a foot kitty and uses my feet as his pillow literally. Gretel is a baby doll and always sleep hugging me. Jean Pierre my eldest (10 years) is mama's boy and sleeps on other side. Hansel and Geisha are 50/50. sometimes on bed, sometimes in living room. And the dog on the other pillow. So more or less 3 -4 cats sleep with me plus the dog. It's a full bed but maybe I don't need that King after all. Problem solved on its own. They're all rescue kitties and dog. Life is wonderful.

  • 10/03/2011 02:05pm

    LOL...a broken record indeed. Your life sounds much like mine. But I wouldn't change a thing either. As you said, life is wonderful.

  • empathy
    10/04/2011 01:18am

    Welcome to this blog. I have a question which may not be answerable but is worth thinking about. It has to do with what is going on in these cat brains. They seem to know a great deal about us, they have personalities, and we form relationships. They also sometimes react to each other's moods, and to our moods. I am a mental health professional (human), very interested in this issue. What is empathy anyway? Some people don't seem to have it. Some animals do. At least I think so. We tend to feel that this is important. How did it evolve? It seems to me that there are two components (at least) to this. One has do do with the ability to understand non-verbal communication. The other has to do with the ability to appreciate another's feelings and to act in a way that will increase good feelings because that gives pleasure, mutually. If we can understand this better, it seems to me that we may learn some things from these animals, who are well up on the evolutionary path towards us. I don't know what research has been done on this, but these relationships between humans and animals, such as cats or dogs, seem terribly important. We can form these relationships with another species, and so can they. I would love to hear of any information, research or thoughts, etc., on this. It is important to me.

    Thank you

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