I finally joined the group of smart phone fans, and I have to admit, I’m not sure I could live without my 3G now! Nowadays, there are apps for everything out there. As for pet-friendly apps, I’m still discovering them…

That said, having written for my first ever animal app, I had to share it:

Pet Poison Helpline, an animal poison control based out of Minneapolis, just released a handy iPhone app called "Pet Poison Help," which contains an extensive database of foods, drugs, chemicals, and plants commonly found in the home and yard that are poisonous to pet poison helpline, dog poisoned, cat poisoned, pet poisoned, best pet appspets. This app provides information on over 250 poisons, each with a description, list of symptoms, and a full color photo. Just tap on the photo and it expands to full screen size for easy identification (especially important for all those plants, flowers, or venomous creatures!). Each toxin entry has a bright yellow banner across the top that indicates the potential severity of the toxin, from "mild to moderate" to "moderate to severe." This is obviously dose-dependent (as they say in the poison world, "It’s the dose that makes the poison!"), but helpful when you’re in a panic. When in the midst of a potential emergency, users can dial Pet Poison Helpline directly from the application on their phone.

The best thing about this app? It’s helpful when you’re out in the woods or at the cabin without 3G access (yes, it can happen!). If your dog happens to ingest something potentially poisonous, you’ll still have access to the information 24/7. Like many apps, once downloaded it’s always available, with or without Internet access or cell phone service. It may be the best $0.99 you can spend for your four-legged friend!

For you non-iPhone types with smart phones, be sure to add Pet Poison Helpline’s mobile app to your home screen for pet safety tips and information at your fingertips.

A  few other pet-friendly apps I like? PupTox, KitTox, and Iams VET 24/7. (Note: You can access these apps through the iTunes store.) That said, I’ll fully admit — I’m pretty cheap and don’t buy too many apps (so most of the apps I have are free!). So, help me out — what recommendations do you have for some great pet apps?


Dr. Justine Lee

Images used: L_amica & Tomislav Pinter / via Shutterstock