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Top 10 Cat Names of 2010

After last week’s depressing subject matter, I thought we could all use something a little more frivolous this time around. So here goes.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) recently put together a list of the Top 10 names for pets that are enrolled in their services. In the cat category, the countdown goes:

#10 Charlie
#9 Tigger
#8 Tiger
#7 Shadow
#6 Smokey
#5 Lucy
#4 Oliver
#3 Chloe
#2 Bella

And, drum roll please, the number one name for cats is …


Really, "Max?" I can’t think of a single feline Max that I’ve run across either personally or professionally. I’ve lived with a Victoria, Keelor, Pippin, and Fugly (I didn’t name him, I swear, but it did fit!).  I’ve also been good friends to a Q, Scout, and Lena.

As a vet, I can recollect a number of Tigger/Tigers, at least one Bella and a Smokey or two, but as for the other names on the VPI list, none ring a bell. Maybe that’s because they are so common. The patient names that I seem to remember are either unusual (a cat named Meowse and a dog named Deogie. Get it? D.O.G.) or are attached to memorable medical or surgical cases. Though to be honest, I tend to recall these last ones more along the lines of "that cat with plague" than by the pet’s name.

More fun than the VPI Top 10 list is their Top 50 Wackiest Pet Names. I personally like Purr Diem, Cleocatra, and Chairman Meow. If you know of a funny or exceptionally appropriate feline name, please share!

And on a completely unrelated note, I recently ran across an article that talked about "Cat Apps" for smartphones and tablet computers. Most seem to consist of a dot or some other icon deemed attractive to cats that moves around on the screen and makes a noise when the cat paws at it. A couple of questions immediately came to mind. Assuming these things work in the first place, wouldn’t the smartphone simply go flying across the room if a cat swatted at it, and do you really want your cat attacking your computer screen?

When my cats sit directly in front of my laptop as I type, I am usually not so much charmed as a little bit annoyed. I’m not sure I would want either of them turning around and seeing a virtual mouse scurry by. Their attempts to dive through the Sunday newspaper while I’m reading are one thing; I definitely don’t need them giving the LCD the same treatment!


Dr. Jennifer Coates

Pic of the day: Is meow in the dictionary? by hermzz

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