This is my last blog for the Daily Vet. I’ve had a good run here at petMD and have greatly enjoyed retelling adventures and mishaps and educating you all about the ins and outs of the large animal veterinary world.


I’ll relate one last story, for old time’s sake. On my last day of my first job after I graduated, my last appointment was a visit to a frequent client who had a small alpaca breeding farm and was on the outskirts of the farthest border of our client radius. Known for being talkative and opinionated, this client was usually entertaining to visit and her alpacas were nice to work with, so it was an enjoyable appointment on which to end my tenure. This was also just days before Halloween and I was proudly wearing jack-o-lantern earrings.


After a pleasant and uneventful visit, I finished up and headed back to the office. I had a long drive ahead of me and a lot of things on my mind. I actually had some blood work to drop off at the lab and had to unload paperwork. When I had almost reached the office, which was almost an hour away from the appointment I had left, I received a call from the client. My heart sank at the thought of something going wrong on my last day and me having to make the drive all the way back out there.


The call, however, was quite different than what I expected. The client left a lovely message for me saying she hadn’t realized it was my last day and that she would miss me and was sorry I was leaving. Her last words were the most emotional as she related that she didn’t even get a chance to tell me she loved my jack-o-lantern earrings. That’s what kind of person she was. Just great.


Now, every year when Halloween comes around and I don my giant pumpkin shaped earrings, I think of this client. I can tell you, dear readers, that now when I re-think of all the stories I’ve shared with you, I’ll remember this blog and the joy I got out of it.


Happy trails. 



Dr. Anna O'Brien



Image: Ksenia Ragozina / Shutterstock