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HealthyAssurance by petMD

Healthy Assurance's mission is simple: To provide pet owners with unbiased, reliable, helpful, and timely information on pet insurance from a veterinarian’s perspective. And what better veterinarian to write this blog than Dr. Kenney, a small animal practioner and author of Your Guide to Understanding Pet Health Insurance

  • Is Coverage For Wellness Care Worth It?

    Sometimes called routine care, wellness care coverage includes things like wellness examinations, vaccinations, heartworm testing, heartworm preventative, flea and tick prevention products, teeth cleaning,...
  • No Shortcuts To Buying Pet Insurance

    Sometimes I wonder how people decide which pet insurance policy to buy? Why did they choose this company or that particular policy? How much research did they do before making up their mind?  
  • Why Coverage For Chronic Illnesses is Also a Big Deal

    Chronic conditions are diseases that cannot be cured, but may be treated and controlled so that your pet may live several more years with minimal symptoms and a good quality of life. It is important to...
  • Why Insurance Coverage for Hereditary Conditions Is a Big Deal

    Some pet owners who have investigated pet insurance have complained about what they felt were numerous exclusions or loopholes that would allow a pet insurance company to easily deny claims. This has led...
  • What to do About Pre-Existing Conditions

    A common reason that pet insurance claims are denied is because of a pre-existing condition. This is a problem or disease that your pet may have shown symptoms of or been diagnosed with before you purchased...
  • Which Is Best - Pet Insurance or Savings Account?

    One bit of advice that I see over and over on the Internet is to open a savings account to help pay for your pet’s healthcare needs, rather than buying pet insurance. The recommendation is to put...
  • Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

    If you are the typical person in America today, you probably have several different types of insurance. If you own a home, you likely have homeowners insurance. If you own a car, you likely have auto insurance....
  • Pet Insurance: A Veterinarian’s Perspective

    For years, there was only one pet insurance company that offered policies to pet owners in the United States. I had only a vague idea of how pet insurance worked. So when clients asked me or a member of...


About Healthy Assurance

  • Dr Kenney, DVM
    Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB

    Doug Kenney practices small animal medicine and surgery at Houston Levee Animal Hospital in Cordova, Tennessee. He has a special interest in wellness care...

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