“The only thing that is constant is change.”
― Heraclitus


Change is upon us once again. Today will be the last post for Fully Vetted. Don’t be sad; it’s had an incredible run.


Fully Vetted started on December 15, 2005, with Dr. Patty Khuly writing, “My goal is to satisfy your curiosity and maybe enlighten you on some things you may never have considered in the world of animal health.” In 2011, I stepped in with a slightly different aim. I have always believed that the best way to improve animal health is to advance the ability of owners and veterinarians to communicate with one another. To that end, I wrote The Dictionary of Veterinary Terms: Vet-speak Deciphered for the Non-Veterinarian. While satisfying, writing a dictionary is nothing if not a solitary (and at times mind-numbing) experience. Taking over Fully Vetted offered the opportunity to promote veterinary communication on a grand scale.


I want to close out Fully Vetted with an enormous “Thank You.” I know I speak not just for myself but for everyone involved with the blog when I say that we have appreciated your time and attention over the last 3+ years more than you will ever know. Together we have explored countless topics, and as a result I think we can all take better care of the animals in our lives. If that’s not success, I don’t know what is.


Despite the end of Fully Vetted, you’re not getting rid of me completely. Starting next week, I’ll be posting once a week on Daily Vet. I’m looking forward to joining the excellent team over there once again (that’s where I got my start on petMD). Look for my post next week exploring whether a dog’s behavior can predict the level of attachment between owner and pet and what we might do to intervene when problems arise. And with my new found free time, I’ll be contributing more articles on specific animal health and wellbeing topics for the petMD website; keep an eye out for those.


See you around!


Dr. Jennifer Coates


Image: Sue McDonald / Shutterstock