It seems like people spend a lot of time these days focused on what is wrong with the world. In some ways, this is beneficial. If we don’t face our problems, we can’t do anything to improve our situations. Conflict can be a strong impetus for change.


At the risk of sounding sappy, however, there is also an awful lot this is right with the world. What better time than Thanksgiving to express a little gratitude for what we have or for the plain ol’ good luck that has come our way over the last year.


So how about a challenge for this Thanksgiving? Sometime between over-indulging on turkey, pumpkin pie and football, respond to this blog with something pet-related that you are thankful for.


I’ll get us started with a few of my own.


I am thankful that despite the fact that I’ve lost several beloved pets recently, my remaining furry companions, Victoria, Apollo, and Bernie bring joy to our family on a daily basis.


I am thankful for having shared my life with animal-friends who have taught me invaluable lessons about love, patience, tenacity, dignity, and joy-in-life. Rover, Tangles, Owen, Duncan, Boomer, Annie, Jethro, P.D., Harper, Pippen, Fugly, Keelor, and Atticus you are missed but still loved so very much.


I am thankful for all owners (those who are my veterinary clients and those who are not) who make sacrifices to provide healthy and happy lives for their pets.


I am thankful for the employees and volunteers of animal shelters, rescues, and other charities who work tirelessly to improve the lives of mistreated and abandoned animals. I know many of you are working today since animals don’t take a day off from needing love, attention, and care.


And finally, thanks to all of you who make Fully Vetted such a remarkable forum for sharing information about all things animal and veterinary related.


Dr. Jennifer Coates


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