As of next Monday, I’ll be moving on. You’ll no longer see me blogging here on Fully Vetted. So sad, I know. But there’s a silver lining: Fully Vetted will become the domain of Dr. Jennifer Coates, an up-and-coming veterinary blogger you’d do well not to ignore if you’re looking for a daily fix of medical animalia.

Which I relish, of course…

…as I did the challenge of blogging here, on this Fully Vetted platform. So I find it only natural to publicly present my thoughts by way of a Question and Answer with Dr. Coates on the subject of Fully Vet-ism. After all, I’m nothing if not willing to help take this blog to the next level.

To that end, here are my answers to her questions on the subject of Fully Vetted’s challenges and rewards*:

Dr. C: What aspects of writing Fully Vetted did you find most rewarding?

Dr. K: Tackling a daily blog on the subject of one’s work life might seem like an exercise in self-flagellation to most, but to me it’s been nothing if not cathartic.

Not to say that writing is always therapy; it’s hard work, too, after all, but it’s invariably an effective exercise in introspection. And any kind of reflection on one’s daily grind gives said experience added appeal, zest, zing, and pizzazz.

Life is so much more interesting when it’s dissected. But that’s just me. I know plenty of people who would disagree.

Dr. C: Most Frustrating?

Dr. K: Coming up with a topic every single day is not easy, but that’s nothing compared to having to handle the occasional troll. Trolls suck!

Dr. C: In your opinion, what types of information are the readers of Fully Vetted most interested in?

Dr. K: They want honest animal stories with plenty of controversial politics. Serve up that dish every day and they’ll eat it up.

Dr. C: Any topics I should avoid like the plague?

Dr. K: Do not discuss veterinary malpractice unless you want to bring the wrath of the aggrieved down upon you. There’s no way to win when discussing this subject. Avoid it … like the plague.

Dr. C: If you could change one thing about the Fully Vetted blog, what would it be?

Dr. K: I would have carte blanche to write about whatever topic in whatever way I chose. But then, that’s only wishful thinking.

Dr. C: What does the future hold for you? Are you still going to be writing and blogging?

Dr. K: As for myself, I’ll not be so far away as all that. I’ll be busy working on my first book project while blogging occasionally for Know Dr. Marty Becker? He’s the head vet over at my new gig.


Me? I’m just the lowly understudy looking to hone my skills under Dr. Becker's star. But it’ll doubtless be a challenge. Follow me there if you’re so disposed. But don’t miss Dr. Coates’s take on life in vet med here on this venue. This is where it all started and where I’ll be back on a regular basis to chime in on what’s what in vet med.

Dr. Patty Khuly

*Today's post is a rejoinder to Dr. Khuly's Question and Answer with Dr. Coates on September 16th.

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