Ever wondered why it is that so many veterinarians tend to practice as couples? Somehow, we tend to gravitate towards one another. Not that we can't (or don't as often) pair up with non-veterinarians, but the significant (and growing) percentage of veterinary couples begs the question: Why?

This past Wednesday's post by Dr. Justine Lee over on The Daily Vet (my sister blog just two tabs over right here on PetMD) occasions this post. She discussed a version of the issue: Though veterinarians have been declared by many as eminently datable, why is it that so many of us remain single?

Here's what she had to say on the subject:

While reading The New York Times best seller Freakonomics, I was pleasantly surprised to see Levitt and Dubner list female veterinarians as one of the top three most desirable online daters.

Currently, 73 percent of veterinary students are women, and nearly 50 percent of practicing veterinarians are, too. If I can make a broad generalization, female veterinarians are hard working, somewhat anal retentive, and outdoorsy; they love animals and are well-rounded. C’mon guys — what more could you ask for?

What do you think? Should the Patty Khulys and Justine Lees of the world get their chance on The Bachelorette, or are we too covered in dirt, bodily fluids, dog hair, and cat abscess fluid to make it?

Me? I’ll be cuddling with my more loyal four-legged friends on the sofa tonight.

I dunno 'bout you but I’ve gotta get behind that sentiment. I mean, who can resist a veterinarian when you compare her to a stack of attorneys? Not to diss lawyers, but it would seem that men (and women) would really warm to the quirky, outdoorsy, science-y cool of a veterinarian.

But back to my version of the topic. Seeing as I've been dating a fellow veterinarian for the past nigh-on-seven years (April Fool's Day makes seven, but who's counting?), I've often had opportunity to consider how it is that so many veterinarians gravitate towards one another. Even more so since it's become apparent to me that the trend is accelerating — anecdotally speaking, anyway.

Couples abound within our local vet-sphere. Locally, I count at least seven vet couples. And that's just immediately local … in a suburban area, within a ten mile radius. Impressive, right?

I think so.

Interestingly, the percentage of vet-vet couples tends to rise precipitously among both younger and more educated veterinarians (think: advanced degrees and/or specialization). Which makes me think the mutual attraction is more likely to happen among those who throw themselves so forcefully into a career that they're unlikely to meet others 'cept other versions of themselves. Makes sense, right?

The other theory is more along Dr. Lee's lines … that only another veterinarian would be willing to tolerate his or her partner's intermittent manginess.

Seeing as I now sport a mange lesion on my abdomen, I can't but think seriously along these lines. After all, one of my first dates with my vet surgeon partner was marred by the presence of a tick crawling in my cleavage. Can you imagine the relationship going much further had he been anything but charmed by the spectacle of it?

I think not. But you're free to disagree…

Dr. Patty Khuly

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