As far as my son is concerned, I need another project like I need a hole in the head. Why should I write a book, make a new series of videos or entertain a podcast audience? Isn't it enough that I have thirteen-year-old whose whims must be catered to?

Not exactly.

While I do so love cooking for him, inciting him to riotous artistic behavior, and encouraging him to stay in shape via forced runs, I do not cave to all his becks and calls (and these are shockingly numerous).

Anyhoo … the point of this meanderingly personal post is this: I've got a trio of new projects in the works, all of which are consuming more of my time than I might typically consider realistically doable. Yet somehow, I'm managing to make it happen. Perhaps that's because when there's tons to do, sometimes there's a greater efficiency involved.

Gina Spadafori over on PetConnection knows this well. In fact, it was her indefatigable preparation for her new book tour (along with her writing partner, Dr. Marty Becker) that got me to thinking I might be wasting my time watching too many Westerns on my laptop while cooking and cheese-making (I so do love me a good Western flick). And while I have not yet given up my habits, I have gotten more efficient in my daily scheduling.

But that doesn't mean I don't suffer plenty of stressful moments along the way:

  • How should I pitch my new book so that I can successfully negotiate the advance I so require if I'm to make this project happen?
  • Will I manage to carve out enough time this week to finish the second chapter?
  • What exactly are the technical limits that dog the ambitious scripts I've penned for my new videos?
  • Will the sponsor sign off on my creative treatment of the topic?
  • Is Apple's Garage Band going to be a powerful enough program to meet my podcasting goals? And am I technically proficient enough to make it work?
  • What should I call the podcast, anyway?

While all of the above are equally likely to keep me up at night, wheels a-spinning, the pressing nature of this last point has been driving me especially crazy in recent days. What to call the podcast? Hmmmm …

Here's the trouble: It's not just a veterinary podcast. It's a dog trainer-slash-veterinarian hosted podcast. My co-host, dog trainer Dee Hoult, is very canine inclined. So while we're unlikely to outright neglect cats and their issues, we're a little more likely to be talking about dog medicine and animal behavior than other veterinary topics.

Which I guess is why I came up with my favorite podcast title: "Barking Mad." As in, opinionated but with a touch of pleasant eccentricity. Others, however, preferred "The Fur Side," and "Paws and Effect" for their more ecumenical approach to pets (not so doggy, you know?).

But we can't seem to commit. Maybe there's a better title out there that we haven't yet thought of? Just as for Fully Vetted, which was a reader-generated title, I was hoping to get your input on this one.

So here's the question for the day: Do you like any of our working titles? Or, do you want to pick a new one?

Dr. Patty Khuly

P.S. If anyone does come up with the title we decide to use, that person will be compensated: Six months of your choice of topical flea and/or tick product shall be yours — should your creativity trump ours!

Pic of the day: At my computer doing my Twitters by Hi, I'm Sadie Shih Tzu