For the past couple of years, pet bloggers have been flocking to the social media sensation known as BlogPaws. But don’t let the term "social media" lull you into thinking this is just another virtual-world success story where facelessness prevails and people hook up online for more of the same semi-anonymity. No, this time we’re talking about real face-time.  

Blog Paws is a two-day conference designed for the social congregation of pet bloggers. Yes, even those of us who nerdily offer up our daily lives and random musings for your online consumption have a way of craving real-life human interaction –– even if it does seem to reinforce our nerdy obsessiveness.

But it’s not just social. ("Demented, but social.") It’s also educational. In case you’re wondering what it is we bloggers might find educational, here’s a post detailing them: Top 10.5 Reasons to Attend BlogPaws.

In case you’re still fuzzy on this, here’s the BlogPaws pitch:

Are you a pet blogger? We are chock full of actionable advice and information to help you increase your readership, hone your craft, connect with other bloggers and brands - and meet face-to-face at educational conferences.

Our conferences are a great way for pet bloggers to connect with other pet bloggers to share expertise, tell stories and support one another. People who have attended our conferences leave with a better understanding of social media and lots of fantastic swag!

Swag! Cool! I just hope they don’t force me to watch the smarmy-looking Disney movie they’re offering as entertainment (Spooky Buddies? Really?!?).

So how about you? Will you be attending? D.C. might be hot in the summer, but the museums are still all nice and cool inside. And the plane tickets are still affordable. (Well ... sort of.)

Dr. Patty Khuly

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