Yes, even veterinarians like getting in on the act this time of year. And why not? How best to show kids how fun and stress-less vet medicine can be for their pets than to use Peeps as an example?

You see, it's career day time in my area's school system. Now that all those dastardly tests are finally under their belt, teachers can get back to actually teaching something more useful than standardized testing strategies, which means that for at least one day, parents and community members are asked to come to schools to show off what they do.

But here's where so many careerists go wrong. Instead of finding ways to make their career look fun and interesting via fun examples and hands-on play, they stand up in front of a blackboard and talk. Not that some just-stand-up-and-talkers can't be great, but it'll still never beat a good Peep show…

…especially since we get to eat the Peeps at the end of the demonstration.

Now, there's very little substance to Peeps, I will confess. But you'd be surprised at the many ways in which very little children worry about what happens to their pets in the veterinarian's office. Peeps are a way of not only setting their mind at ease at the vet's but also at their own pediatrician's place.

I got to thinking about using a Peep show at an upcoming 1st grade career event after last week's pre-Easter Peep abundance extravaganza at work. Using photographs I'd taken in years past as a guide, I ushered my marshmallow Peeps through a "this is what we do to your pets" kind of a show for a few littler pet owners.

"But noooooooo .... we don't eat them at the end, though, do we?"

(At which point everyone giggles as they bite their Peeps’ heads off.)

And what could be more fun and stress-less than being a kid who eats Peep heads at the vet's place? OK, so being an adult who gets to play with Peeps at work is more fun. Especially since we're long done with all those way stupid standardized exams!


 Peep blood draw

Dr. Patty Khuly

P.S. This is not Dr. Khuly's first foray into Peep-dom. She does a "Peep Love Extravaganza" post around this time every year.

Pic of the day: A kiss on the peep by lonecellotheory