Last week I somehow stumbled onto this post on creepy kid costumes. Truth be told, it was in the service of my twelve-year-old’s annual costume quandary that I got sucked into this uncomfortable Halloween Hell. And while the kid costumes were truly disturbing, I couldn’t help thinking the animal versions were similarly [un]-inspired. 

But then, I may be overly sensitive. You decide:

Here are the creepy kid pics. Enter the baby chicken with the Alien appendage...

The baby lobster...

And the Thanksgiving turkey baby...

Yet I’m not so sure these are the worst I’ve ever seen. Consider what people are willing to do to their own pets:

Jack Sparrow? Now that’s evil.

The cat in the lobster pot is every bit as freaky.

As is the comestible beagle.

So what does it say about us that we’re wont to dress up our beloveds in these disturbing garments? Does it mean we’re perhaps not so lovingly inclined? Or is it evidence of our extreme esteem for them that we’re willing to expend loads of time and energy on stuff as extraneous and superficial as ... Halloween costumes.

Of course I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the latter. After all, those who are willing to dress up their patients and/or their own pets really don’t have much of a leg to stand on. Sure, my two examples may not be quite so creepy, but I obviously don’t have as much time on my hands as those who came up with the costumes detailed above.

Here’s Sadie (a dog bite patient who’s been coming in to get bandaged twice weekly for the past three weeks).

This week she happened to get treated to an extra bandage. She didn’t seem to mind.

Then there’s Vincent. This year he’s a flower. But then, that’s only because Target happened to be offering a $2.50 special on this cute petal-y collar. I love it!

So are my own examples creeepy? Well, maybe ... but one thing I do know is this: Damn, they’re cute! So what does that say about me?

Dr. Patty Khuly

Pic of the day: "A Scottish fold cat in a lobster costume in a lobster pot!" by A.V. Phibes @