OK, so it’s not yet available for your inquiring minds to digest and enjoy, but I’ve just finished up three 14-hour days, during which we filmed a couple of educational (and very entertaining) nutrition-oriented webisodes.

Nulo (nutrition = love) sponsored these two short films — a production that’s ended up consuming most of my non vet-work hours over the past two weeks. But never mind me. For the past month, this has been a double-time job for my workaholic sister.

Cristina Khuly (yes, my sis) is a documentary film director (Shoot Down) who offered to produce and direct these two shorts (probably without fully understanding the extremes to which her perfectionism would compel her to relinquish sleep). And she performed masterfully … as usual.

The two short films will be offered as web-based episodes within a couple of months. Until then, here’s the scoop: Webisode #1 will explain how best to objectively determine whether your pets are overweight; Webisode #2 will offer an explanation of what’s "behind the bag" when it comes to pet food labeling.

Fun, right?

The best part? We had a great time in the process of filming these two docs. Sure, they look great on film (HD, even), but we’ve a lot of editing and post-production work to do yet. In the meantime, enjoy our fun pics from our South Beach "scene."

The film crew prepares for the shoot on radiant South Beach.

Here, Morgan (one of my sister’s dogs) plays the role of Susan’s dog (she’s the cute blonde to my left), whose job is to explain that he’s a perfectly fit dog — which he is.

Maxie, our "fat dog," waits for the rest of the crew to return.

Stay tuned for more...

Btw, on the nutrition front, what else would you like to know about your pets’ food? I’m all ears!!

Dr. Patty Khuly