Almost every day I get approached by a new product marketer or manufacturer with respect to some “revolutionary” product I’d be stupid not to hawk to my readers.

It’s really kind of insulting when you get right down to it. I mean, what kind of blog do they think I run? A leash-and-collar outfit? A beat-the-best-price and drugs-for-less place? Why would I deign to sell YOU — people whose trust I cherish — on their who-knows-what brand of product or service?

But I guess they can’t be blamed. After all, how else would a manufacturer and marketer of a truly excellent product communicate its excellence to the world? Gotta start somewhere ... and a blog offers just enough cred to merit attention from a small group of early adopters.

I get it. I went to business school, even. So I know. Still, I can’t help shuddering at pitches like these:

Just Spray!

"Spray in your pet’s mouth and PLAQUE ATTACK’s all natural formula quickly and safely mixes with saliva to coat the teeth and gums. The ingredients then do all the work to break up bacteria, plaque, and built-up tartar. Application helps eliminate these causes of bad breath, leaving your pet’s mouth healthy and clean. Best of all, it’s just that easy to use!

"This Offer Is NOT AVAILABLE In Stores! Fill out your form below to Order Your PLAQUE ATTACK Now!

How many would you like?

OK, so that’s a direct quote from an offer I received in my email inbox. Think it’s worthy? In case you have any doubts as to my representation of its hard (and tacky)  sell, check out the cheesy veterinarian-narrated video that accompanies it (how embarrassing for her!).

The sad truth is that I receive about ten or so similar unsolicited emails every week. Pathetic, right? I certainly don’t respond. Indeed, I scorn their advances with posts like this one.

But occasionally — OK, so only very, very rarely — I’ll get pitched an offer I can’t refuse … an actual product with merits that seem to transcend its pitch. I can’t think of an example right now, but let it suffice to say this endangered species happens, and when it does I can only think, I’m so glad to live life as an eternal optimist. Because otherwise, how would the cream ever rise to the top? 

Have any better-than-expected “as-seen-on-TV” products you’d like to share? I’m all ears...

Dr. Patty Khuly