The fact is my son’s pulmonary troubles preclude feline integration into our indoor household. But that doesn’t mean I’m not constantly drawn to them. Sometimes it’s not even the cats themselves, but all the super-cool toys, trinkets, gadgets and doo-dads that accompany them. 

For my dogs it’s all about the rubber balls, colorful rope toys, neato collars and dangly tags. And they’re great. But when I take a look at the cat stuff … sometimes I’m just amazed. I mean, the toys are cool (lasers are especially entertaining), but the furniture … ooooh … that’s where I lose it. 

Here’s one that makes the lowly bookshelf look like a thing best left bereft of its tomes (get a Kindle, already, will you?). It's the Sky Climber and it looks best in cherry, I think:


Thanks to Gina over at PetConnection for that one.

And for those who think their cat's claws are best removed, consider the aesthetically satisfying alternative to "normal" furniture. These heavy-duty corrugated cardboard items are not only functional and beautiful, they make for the ultimate scratching posts. Consider the Sweet Lounge Cat Bed and Cheeky Chaise Cat Bed/Scratcher:

Or this cardboard "cat cocoon":

You know, whenever I write on the importance of keeping cats indoors (for their safety and that of the wildlife they prey upon), I inevitably get letters on the fat-cat problem among felines. As in: the problem with keeping cats indoors is that, while it might be safer, it’s not healthy in the long run if obesity is an issue. Hence, some additional impetus to write about products like this one:

Cool, right? Sigh … If only I could keep a kitty...

Dr. Patty Khuly

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