It happens every year in South Florida. One winter night it'll dip into the thirties and next thing you know there's a plague of lizards upon us. They're sprawled in the road, belly-up on the porch, and falling out of trees on your frigid morning run. 

Whether they're the noble nuisance species we call the common iguana, the small, brown-green and gecko-ey Anolis carolinensis or the exotic Cuban anole, they're all sensitive to the frigid temps in ways you might not expect.

Though you'd think they'd simply up and die in this abnormal weather they actually don't...not right away, anyway. Most of these critters have to stay at below freezing temps for a prolonged period of time before they'll freeze to death. Which is why I'm sure I saved a few today. 

Though it's not unusual to expect a day or two of seriously chilly South Florida weather every year, this year's thermometric downturn is distinguishing itself for its lengthy stay. It's already been a week since lows dipped into the forties and fifties. And counting tonight, we'll have had three days of sub-forty lows. With more to come. Very, very strange. 

Which is why my house is filling up fast. Cubans, geckoes, greenies... They've been taking up residence in my empty shoeboxes far faster than I was able to bid a final farewell to the old shoes that once held sway there. 

Torpor, they call it. "Dinner" is more likely if you're culturally predisposed to a reptilian meal. "Work" is what I consider it, seeing as my dining room table looks more like a makeshift reptile recovery room than a place where fine dining (sometimes) happens.

A few uprooted exotic plants, a splash of tap water and a luxuriously heated indoor stay. What more can you ask for as a lizard in these unseasonably arctic Miami climes? Hmmmm...based on their ungrateful behavior (reference the above, open-mouthed pic), you'd think they'd prefer a few icicles in their bloodstream. (Ouch!)

Here's this morning's haul:

And by mid-afternoon (on my dining room table):

Finally, this night's tally (masking tape because some tried to make a break for it):

And I'll be adding more tomorrow, I'm sure. So how was YOUR Sunday?