In Internet business circles, everyone talks about how content is king. While you won’t catch this content-producer disagreeing, I will quibble with anyone who denies the critical importance of the queen of Web success, Her Majesty, Navigation. And let’s not forget the Internet’s increasingly powerful court, which features the twin knights of stickiness and user-driven content.

All of which is why I was so pleased when PetMD recently offered the queen a curtsy and her court some more room to maneuver here on Fully Vetted.

Though some of you may not have noticed, it’s all right here … online … not in your e-mail inbox. So if you’re sticking close to the newsletter and never checking in on my actual web pages, you might be missing out. Hence, this post, which will hopefully drive you to do more on Fully Vetted than you ever knew you could — or might want to.

To that end, here’s a user’s how-to guide to the navigationally revamped and comment-friendlier Fully Vetted.


  • On the right hand side of the posts you’ll notice a vertically-aligned, rectangle-shaped box with two tabs on the top and two below. Click either of the two top tabs and you get treated to the most popular Fully Vetted posts by the numbers. Which for some reason everyone wants to check out. It’s a bellwether of sorts, I guess.
  • By clicking one or another of the top tabs, you get to see the "Most Commented" and "Most Viewed" posts appearing within the vertical rectangle’s confines. Toggle between the two to observe how the silent majority often votes differently from the vocal among us.
  • By selecting "View past 30 days" or "View all time" within either tab, you can change the scope of your search from what’s just transpired to what’s appealed over a longer period of time.
  • On the "underside" of the vertical bar you get two more tabs to play with. Click on either "Dr. Khuly’s Picks" or "Latest Comments" to see the vertical "box" displaying my faves (I’m still working on these) or to track the most recent comments. PetConnection has a similar "recent comments" feature, which I liked so much I had to have the designers copy it for me. ;-)

Overall, the new navigation offers a great way to interact with the blog, especially if you’re a newbie. But regardless of how long you’ve been reading, you can now see what’s made this blog tick for more than five years now.


If you’re a frequent commenter you’ll already know how this affects you. So far I’ve heard you LOVE it (be sure to tell me below if you don’t). Here are the features:

  • Submit your comment and a like-minded soul may come along and "like" it. (Best of all, if you’re a quiet type, you get to have your say without ever having to "put yourself out there," as they say.)
  • Those who submit comments may then choose to "subscribe" to the entire thread of comments and receive any new additions to the comment stream in their e-mail inboxes.
  • You can also hit "reply to" a comment so that instead of posting a reply further down the thread you can actually reply directly to the commenter immediately following their comment. The Wall Street Journal does this and I’m a big fan. I daresay the way we do it is even better ... but we can always improve!

Still, we can’t get it done unless YOU tell me what you want to see. You can always send me an e-mail at "Contact Dr. Khuly" under my bio (to the right of the posts and below the navigation rectangle), but perhaps this is the right time to submit your first comment ever. It’s really not so hard. So says the biggest loudmouth in vet medicine, anyway.



Dr. Patty Khuly

P.S. - Though this is also a work in progress, check in on my new "About Me" section. It's got a more narrative look and feel so that I'm getting comfier with it. Feel free to offer me comments and critiques on this, too. Thanks!

Editors' Note: We'd also like to take this opportunity to direct all of you faithful Fully Vetted readers to the new Community Rules. While we don't like to point fingers, there are some out there who just aren't playing nice with the new comment section. This way, everyone knows how we intend to police Fully Vetted and all other communities on PetMD. Our goal, however, is to always encourage freedom of thought and sharing of opinions. Thank you for making PetMD one of the greatest communities on the Web!

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