Last week sucked. Vincent had to have two CTs, a myelogram, and finally, back surgery to remove the pressure on his swollen spinal cord. (More on this, tomorrow.) Then my iPhone got stolen. My car’s AC died in the Miami heat. I misplaced my driver’s license. And finally, lightning literally struck, resulting in one exploding modem (loud!) and a veritable epidemic of household appliance death.

Three things managed to get me through last week with my sanity intact: an extended warranty on my 2003 vehicle, homeowner’s insurance, and a boyfriend who happens to practice small animal surgery with worl' class skeels.

In the end, Vincent came through bedraggled and sore, but otherwise in great shape for the next few weeks of home-based rehab. (I can’t afford the best kind of rehab and even if I could, I’d have a hard time finding the time to drive the forty miles twice a week.) So I have every confidence he’ll pull through with characteristic Vincent indestructibility. (No wimp, that one.)

Too bad I can’t say the same for my iPhone’s prospects.

This, however, is a new week. To which we might as well adopt a novel, positive outlook.

Just in time for all this smarmy optimism and wishful thinking comes this opportune news: FullyVetted is evolving. Really. Though this is just one more step in the right direction and in no way represents a final incarnation, you may now explore more than one realm within FullyVetted. Look up to the top of this page, just beneath the headline, and you’ll see your new choices in a small navigation bar-tab format: "blog," "videos" and "about."

We’re still working on the "about" section, trying out new formats, gathering pics and storylines and working the bugs out of the interactive (!) features. The "video" section is still tiny, and my social media hooks are still in production … but, well, what can I say? We’re getting there. The "about" page is due up later this week, and after the week I just suffered, this degree of progress smacks of manna.

In particular, I’m excited — if somewhat stressed — by the addition of the two videos added to the video section. Sponsored by Nulo (a new, super-premium pet food company dedicated to weight loss/ideal weight maintenance) these two videos feature me — hence the stress.

What can I say? I have a hard time watching myself in action. No matter. For those of you who can’t stand to watch me in action, either, there’s the prospect of a podcast, and there’s always the blog, of course.

Which brings me to my final bit of positive news to help me get my week started out right: Last month PetMD came up with a glorious ad for FullyVetted. And this month, it’s in The Bark! Yay!

Propitiously positioned just under an article by Dr. Nick Trout (you must read his book, Tell Me Where It Hurts), I couldn’t have asked for better positioning — or a better publication to parlay into more FullyVetted readers.

Up for tomorrow: The power of the CT scan. (And more stories from Vincent’s big day in the OR.)

And later this week: Why more pet owners are electing to have their pets’ food shipped to them. And why veterinarians like me are loving it.


Dr. Patty Khuly

Pic of the day: "Doggie Shades" by jchong