Long-time readers have been asking, and all the while, I’ve been hoping, praying, stressing, and generally worrying at the subject like I would an ouchy tooth after eating stale movie popcorn. Overall, it was an annoyingly anxiety provoking ordeal.

But now it’s all done: As of Wednesday at 7 p.m., it's been my pleasure to announce that we have two healthy kids and a first-time mama who handled her ordeal with perfect aplomb.

My family has toasted the twin boys. The neighbors have been notified. My staff is all atwitter. I’ve even tweeted the news online. Life is good. There are just a few little issues that marred the entire, super-healthy, shouldn’t-complain experience:

1. They’re both boys. Oops! Aspiring dairy goat people like me beg for girls for good reason. Because [beautiful though they may be] the boys are basically a byproduct of our attempts to get more milk with a minimum of animal lives recruited along the way.

2. I missed the actual birth. Thanks to a downtown meeting that couldn’t be avoided, I arrived just in time to catch the placenta as it hit the ground (before the chickens ate it — gross!), and to tie off some umbilicuses (or is it umbilici?). Oh well. I’m OK with missing the sweet mysteries of a normal birth knowing that next year I’ll trust my instincts and stay home if I suspect an impending birth as I did yesterday morning (yes, those ligaments were indeed softening, dammit!). 

3. The video disaster happened. The gorgeous video of the first time I laid eyes on them (and all of the ligament-tying and Christmas-present-wonder of it all) was erased. By my twelve year-old. I could kill him. But I had mercy and merely yelled. Anyhoo...

The babes are beautiful. They love to be held. They drink milk like champs. And the best thing I can say is: Thank God they have gorgeous coloration! Boring colors are harder to place. And God knows I will need to place these boys ASAP (2-4 months).

Baby boy #1: Fleabane (the gorgeous one with extra white flash on his legs and belly/sides)

Then there's baby boy #2: Buttonwood (the social butterfly of the two)

One is probably destined to keep a nervous horse happier (Buttonwood). The other is too gorgeous to resist trying for more (must see in person to understand). Might he make some 4-H-er happy? I’d love to see it happen. In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying every bit of caprine cuteness I can scrounge. And there’s a LOT of it!!


Dr. Patty Khuly

Art of the day: "Are these not the cutest?" By Cristina Khuly (my sister)