How about a fun one? Here’s Slumdog in his Halloween splint. And below, another few pics of his rooster getup amid his “flock.” I’ve seen better costumes (go to Lincoln Road on Miami Beach on Halloween weekend and the dog frocks will astound you), but it’s pretty funny to us.

How about yours? Submit your own photos in the comment section and I’ll judge for myself. The winner gets a free month of any non-Rx flea and tick product we vets carry.

btw, will the winners of my “Fully Vetted” new blog title contest please lob me an email so I can send them each a six-month supply of their favorite product? Thanks!

It’s been a long week. Thanks for letting me off the hook with this “easy” post...

Dr. Patty Khuly

Slummy and the splint:

Look, Ma, I'm a chicken!

Here's Poppy getting in on the act with her "law goat" getup:

And Slummy playing the chicken role to a "T":

Your turn...

PS: oh, and if you didn't dress up your own, you can still participate (though not for a prize) by pointing out the best costumes you've seen in others' pets. Honor system.