You’ll all be pleased to hear that this week’s string of public policy-related animal rants has come to a close. You’ll have to forgive me as sometimes my mind goes on a tear and there’s no way to rein it in until it’s expended itself (and I’m pretty sure it has).

This post will hopefully make up for some of the stress with a couple of interesting tidbits you may have missed in the world of animals and pets:

The Eagles crash and burn...yet again

It’s not enough to hear that Michael Vick has been loosing his lips on the subject of his elusive starting quarterback status. If the petulant, unrepentant, uber-entitled attitude isn’t bad enough, the Eagles’ PR machine has been backing his boo-hoos with first amendment-bashing tactics fit for Castro’s Cuba...not a football game.

The scoop:

“Losers fight pit bulls” is apparently an epithet worthy of censorship in the Eagles’ stadium. A woman sporting a T-shirt with the slogan on the front and “Vick,” redlined on the back was denied admittance to the stadium on the basis of her sartorial selection. Obscenities are normally denied. But a position statement of reasonable tone? The Eagles go too far.

A word to the bold: Protest the Eagles by wearing your bra all by itself (brave the cold, it’s worth it). That’ll make a statement. Alternatively, keep your T-shirt under your hat until kickoff.

Censorship, redux

Along those lines, we’re gearing up for this upcoming Tuesday’s Supreme Court hearing of a case on animal cruelty depictions. Stay tuned for Monday’s surprisingly complicated discussion of the issues involved.

Then there’s the good news...

I celebrated another birthday this week. On the very day, my two Easter hens celebrated, too. They laid the first of a series of five, absolutely delicious pullet eggs. We consumed them last night under a light sprinkling of salt and pepper atop a bed of baby arugula in a mild, white truffle vinaigrette. Fantastic!!

When the Fourth of July hens start laying it’ll be mayhem in the laying boxes. Time for more DIY!

What’s YOUR news of the week?