Got an oily animal problem? Above all others, Dawn is my go-to product.

I spent the eighties and early nineties washing oil-spilled seabirds in dilute Dawn solutions. The tar glopped feet of gulls, pelicans, herons and plovers (among others) always emerged from the goo after repeated rinses in the light blue magic waters.

When cats and dogs come in covered with motor oil (reference a recent Veterinary Information Network discussion if you’re a subscriber), we always manage to get the oilies off with Dawn alone.

Then there’s the anal gland messiness and the skunk-sprayed dog to consider: Both extreme odors respond to freshly mixed baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide (1/3 cup to a quart, respectively), but the formula doesn’t really do it’s job without a dash of Dawn to break down the sebaceous, stick-to-the-fur components these materials are made of.

Dawn dishwashing detergent. Nothing else works half as well. And I have no idea why. Gotta say that with that endorsement, why would I use anything else in my own home?

PS: No, I have not been paid by Procter & Gamble (its manufacturers, I think). Though I would happily accept some remuneration if they cared to send it now that I’ve already waxed poetic on their product and divulged the extent of my financial ties (as all bloggers are now required to do).