Someone’s been killing cats in Miami. But it’s not the kind of shelter-style slaughter, tainted kibble death or antifreeze poisoning our culture’s grown so jaded to. No, this time it’s a bona-fide serial killer out for blood, skin, relics and pain. 

Please discontinue reading this RIGHT NOW if you can’t stand the thought of a post on how a classically psychopathic individual develops a taste for bigger prey. While we’ve discussed this before on Dolittler, it’s never a comfortable read. This time less so because of the graphic nature of the gruesome deaths.

So far, 22 of these horrific cat deaths have been reported––all in the same neighborhood...skinned, mutilated, posed on lawns. Police have few clues and are warning residents to keep cats inside. In the meantime, HSUS has offered a $2,500 reward for the Cat Killer of Palmetto Bay.

But how to catch a cat killer? With a paltry cash award and a round of feline-related cautions? I don’t think so. 

But the bigger story here, as always, is not so much to do with the catching of the killer...or even with the prevention of more cat deaths. Instead, I wonder more about how our society will treat a criminal like this if he’s ever caught. 

As it stands, those who are convicted of anger management-related cat-killings get Michael Vick-style jail time. They get counseling. And then they get let out.

But what will a society do with one who leaves your cat on your porch with her face skinned and her entrails wound around her body? I wonder.