Are you on Twitter? If so, is it just another form of blog addiction?...or is it that it’s easier than Facebook when it comes to keeping in touch with your peeps? Perhaps it’s the hip factor. I mean, everyone’s tweeting, right? 

It’s been a couple of months now since I surrendered to the sweet mysteries of Twitter. I’ve been tweeting at least a couple of times every day and spending valuable minutes here and there, between appointments and before bed-time, reading through hundreds of tweets.  

It’s a tad addictive. But nowhere near as addictive as my more personal, Dolittler-style blogging. It’s simply not as easy to get my voice across. Sure, I can log 140 characters in a flash compared to what I do here on Dolittler, but I can’t help feeling that I’m talking to––and not with––my “followers.” 

Lately, however, I happened upon a way to more effectively focus my Twitter energies: by tweeting a “Vet Tip of the Day” and broadcasting it for all my pet-loving followers on Twitter to enjoy, digest and “retweet” to their hearts’ content. 

Here’s a sampling of my recent Vet Tip of the Day tweets (you may recognize the content and its style): 

  • Substitute high calorie commercial treats for the real thing––low calorie carrot nibblers and apple slices. :-)
  • Keep pet food vitamins and supplements in the fridge. Same goes for kibbled food (if you've got the room) :-)
  • Is your pet taking more than one medication? Make sure you always ask your vet about adverse drug interactions.
  • Bring your vet and staff a breakfast treat every once in a while. We're so much better at what we do when we're happy. :-) Keep Mother's Day lilies away from pets. These attractive nuisances are deadly to their kidneys!

Though my ability to write effectively in 140 characters has been a stumbling block, I think I’m getting better at it. You tell me. And feel free to offer your own vet tips. If you do, I’ll even credit you on my tweet.

So how about you? Do you tweet? And why or why not? Is it just one more online attractive nuisance to distract you from the mundane realities of daily life?...or does it represent a very real opportunity for you to connect with like-minded others? Your call...

And feel free to follow me.