An eBay savvy, Maryland veterinarian is offering a spay or neuter to anyone willing to bid on it. Really. 

Dr. Marcella Bonner used to auction purses on eBay to supplement her income. These days she’s got a new practice and a nut to cover. So she’s taking her well-honed eBay techniques to places veterinary services once feared to go. 

Well beyond a sophisticated website, an attention-getting blog or crafty tweets, she’s drumming up business––offering the basic spay and neuter procedures some extra press, while she’s at it. 

What’s the going rate, you ask? 

  • $250 to spay any size female dog and $100 to neuter her male conspecific.
  • $100 to spay any size female cat and, for the boys, $40 to neuter. 

Any way you slice it, it’s a bargain. Especially since she’s offering a complete service with anesthetic monitoring and equipment during the spay and surgery and pain medication before, during and after. Though there are extra charges for those who are older or pregnant.

In a statement to DVM Newsmagazine she had the following to say:

We, as a profession, are not helping with the pet overpopulation...The price for a spay or neuter is very high. Shelters are overpopulated because people can't afford to pay $600 to $800 for a spay. It's unbelievable what people are charging.

...Some of the animals that have been coming in as a result of the auction are anywhere from 3 to 6 years old. The pet owners are saying that they just couldn't afford to do it before.

OK but...I still think $600 to $800 is a fair price. For some hospitals. For some patients. 

I’m excited to hear she’s bringing attention to the pet overpopulation problem and building her practice while she’s at it. It’s the kind of socially conscious entrepreneurial spirit we should all applaud.

But...does it devalue our services to offer them on eBay? Some veterinarians think so. I mean, would you bid on breast implants? Liposuction? Gall bladder surgery? 

Maybe not. You’d question the ethics, the quality and the professionalism of those that did. How is that different for veterinarians and spay neuter? Is it a commodity like toilet paper or be auctioned off? Or does it get a pass due to its socially conscious message? Or maybe you think it's a tacky marketing ploy to get pets inside her freshly-painted doors? 

So what about you: What do you think? Would YOU buy a spay on eBay?