Apart from putting up a privacy fence, rerouting hoses to new plantings, clearing brush, designing a new coop and preparing to move the sizable goat pen (all under the hot Miami sun), I spent the weekend catching up on some of the last seven days’ veterinary news. 

For starters, here’s some catch-up news on my chickens and goats: I took your advice and spent some hard-earned cash on some privacy fencing made of recycled wood coated in mold-resistant epoxy (not even the goats can chew through it).

I’m moving the whole goat pen (big job) into a more private area I’m clearing just for them (lots of shade). Next weekend I’m building a coop inside the roomy, hurricane-resistant goat shed for maximum safety and hideability (eggs are on their way!). Gotta hide the critters from the long-arm of the questionable neighborhood law, right?

Next up, an update on the veterinary fish toss kerfuffle at the annual AVMA convention in Seattle:

PETA demanded the AVMA cancel a special viewing of the fish-disrespectful “toss” that happens daily at Seattle's Pike’s Place Fish Market. Veterinarians, it urged, should know better than to condone throwing fish around. After all, PETA sugested, veterinarians would never sanction a kitten toss. 

Well, maybe PETA has a point, but its protest devolved into more of the same naked human stuff its often-tasteless ads depict.

Come on, PETA, can’t you think of a better way to get our attention than to appeal to our baser animal instincts? (Yes, they’re dressed as topless fish.)

Then there was the interesting piece my mother found in AOL News (yes, some people still use AOL). It explains how exactly it is that cats manage to control our behavior: through a high-pitched meow/purr combo. It seems that humans respond well to this “sweet,” solicitous sound, as if to the cry of a newborn, and thus we cave to their every whim. At leats that’s the implication. And I [sort of] buy it.

Finally, here’s some personal news you might not already know: I’ve spent the last couple of months getting a new blog under my belt: The DailyVet.

It’s over at PetMD and while it might not be as personal and thorny in its approach to issues as Dolittler, it treats them all the same (with perhaps a greater emphasis on individual diseases). You’re all welcome to check it out now that it’s well underway. 

Happy Monday!!