About three million bucks. That’s what Pedigree paid for its excellent, thirty-second spot to air during tomorrow's Super Bowl. And that figure won’t include the cost of the ad’s development...or of it’s high profile “adoption drive,” apparently manufactured by Madison Ave to assuage the conscience of those who must down-size on dog food in this withering economy.

In a year where the big guys are avoiding big spending at all costs, what does it say about our industry when a pet food manufacturer steps up with enough cold, hard cash to front a Super Bowl gig?

It says, “the auto industry may be long gone from the game’s ad roster but pets and beer are still big business.”

All unnecessary roughness against Pedigree aside, it’s clear that the pet industry is still thriving relative to others. It’s true, I won’t be losing my job anytime soon. And the likes of Pedigree can showcase their food on the priciest Super Bowl spot to be had...with no trace of kibble in sight.

Whatever we might say to disparage the M&Ms of dog food, shouldn’t none of us complain too bitterly. After all, Pedigree’s adoption drive campaign is a far better way to spend behemoth Mars’s cash than any other I can think of. That’s why, on this Super Bowl Sunday I can happily say...

...super-size me with your ads, Pedigree. Get those pets adopted. It’s all good...a long as praising your game doesn't mean I have to feed your food to my pets.