“Speaking truth to power” is a great topic for a post penned in the hours between Martin Luther King Jr.’s 80th birthday celebration and the inauguration of our first African-American president…even if this is only a pet health blog.

His continued pursuit of this theme, expertly pioneered in the civil rights arena by MLK, is my primary wish for Mr. Obama’s presidency. We can only hope that our new President's perseverance in meeting his stated goals and his commitment to speak out for justice in the face of political opposition will not wane with the power he attains today.

It’s an especially apropos topic for a small blog given that what moves most bloggers is not the financial remuneration or the elusive fame…it’s the freedom to speak truth to power from a place as lowly as a shack in the woods or a sofa-seat at Starbucks…with the possibility of reaching millions with our message.

So Mr. President, here’s a bark-out to you on this auspicious day. It’s from all of us who dare to hope for big things and aspire to effect positive change in the world, no matter the size of our splash. We wish you well.

Whatever your political leanings, I hope you can all join me in this…

What are your hopes for the new administration?