How much do you care about your pets? This Sunday, your local PBS station may offer you the answer. On a program, to be aired February 15th, PBS producers will tell the story of “Why We Love Cats and Dogs.”

Dolittler BFFs, Jim Nelson and Renee Agredano from, will get to have their say on how much they care about Jerry...even now that he’s gone. They’ve been interviewed for this production and will appear on camera during this program. (Were you nervous??)

Here's Jerry:

Jim and Renee’s story is not unique, except for the fact that their dedication to Jerry’s cause led to, a site that encourages pet owners everywhere to accept their pets’ loss of a limb and fight limb-threatening diseases like osteosarcoma. It’s a site I recommend to all of my clients who face this decision (lose a limb or risk a life) and I must say it ranks high on my list of how-did-we-ever-live-without-’em websites.

I know that many of you carefully manage your pet-themed websites. Whether it’s in the memory of a loved one, to raise awareness of a specific animal disease, out of the need to obtain justice for an aggrieved pet or borne of  love for animals everywhere, we hear you, whether your tale makes it onto TV or not. 

Jim and Renee, keep telling your story. It’s the same I say to all of you bloggers, readers, commenters, website runners and devoted animal types: With widespread grassroots action we CAN make a difference. We CAN show the world how much we care about our pets. 

What’s your pet website detailing your love for your pets? Which ones do you frequent most? Give us a brief summary of your favorites (or your online baby) and the reason you follow them (started it). (Yes, you veterinarian-aggrieved, too. Your stories will always count on Dolittler.)