Got a kissy pet? I love those best. But they’re not likely to act that way at the vet’s. The stress of a trip out into the real world tends to put a damper on the PDA. And the animal hospital is stress location offender #1, as I’m sure you’re all aware. So what’s a vet to do?

In my case, I go out of my way to kiss my patients, instead. Somehow, it just comes naturally. I by no means kiss them all, but I do happen to indulge in a snuggly smooch at least a couple of times a day––more so with patients I know well but sometimes any receptive patient will do. 

Problem is, not every client is nearly as amenable to my unsolicited advances as my patients are. As it turns out, one human recently had a thing or two to say to the receptionist: “Does she always do that? I’m not sure that should be considered professional for a veterinarian. After all, I’d never want my physician to kiss me without my permission.”

I guess I don’t completely disagree. Still, I can’t help thinking an always-innocent, animal-directed peck is in no way comparable to the human-on-human variety.

“Methinks she takes her anthropomorphism too far,” I wheedled defensively. I mean, would she prefer a veterinarian who didn’t obviously enjoy her job? 

Your call...