Ever played with a Peep––just for fun? Who hasn’t. After all, most people don’t share my enthusiasm for a delicate, sugar-coating crunch followed by a mouthful of sickly-sweet marshmallow smush. That’s why most adults opine that it’s better to look at ‘em than eat ‘em.

I mean, who can resist a Peep’s cute factor?

That’s why I’ve decided to take the Peep escapades to the next level. Sure, there are all manner of Peep sites out there for those of you who want to see Peeps in Places.

Peeps at the beach:


Peeps get lasered:

There's even Peep porn (well, sort of). But have you ever seen Peeps at the veterinary hospital? Bet not.

For Dolittler’s Easter edition, I’ve made sure you get treated to a great veterinary Peep show. After a week of heavy posts, we all need to have some fun, right?

Here’s the Peep full physical exam, including Peep temperature-taking, Peep blood draw, Peep stethoscopy, and Peep EKG:

Here’s a Peep getting X-rayed (using the dental machine, of course):

Peep bandaging (post bite?):

And finally, Peep surgery:

Enjoy your holiday!