If you read Dolittler relatively regularly, you’ll know I post in defense of pit bulls as pets. As an ex-pittie owner, I feel strongly about breed specific legislation (such as the banning of pit bulls from many municipalities across the US).

In practice, it’s a fear-based, discriminatory policy where justice is too often meted out unfairly. It condemns dogs almost exclusively on the basis of their owners’ sins.

Case in point: Vick’s dogs, now living successful, non-violent lives ensconced in loving homes, even serving as therapy pets.

This kind of legislation drives pit bull owners underground so that they often eschew both medical care and needed social interaction for fear of being separated from their pets. Moreover, these laws have never been shown to effectively counteract dog-related violence. Instead, they serve the role of providing pulpits for legislative backers seeking popular support through fear.

Sarah Palin’s comment last week at the Republican National Convention (in which she likened Alaskan hockey moms to lipsticked pit bulls) was hailed by supporters who admired her pluck. Yet pit bull advocates immediately recognized the insensitivity of the remark for the way in which it reinforces the stereotype of pit bulls as toughs.

I thought the quip was not too inappropriate—in fact I thought it kind of funny, in spite of myself—but to me it also recalled her general insensitivity to animal life (which I blogged about last Friday). If I hadn’t been aware of her stance on animal welfare I might have given it more of a pass.

Still, I couldn’t help bringing you the image above, one which perfectly describes how I feel after digesting Governor Palin’s pit bull comment.

Now that’s a far more appropriate interpretation of a pit bull with lipstick!