The Daily Kibble comes to me daily. It reports to me on interesting and newsworthy pet products and services available — usually nationwide — but aimed specifically (it seems) at sophisticated and well-heeled New York metro dog owners.

Though I’m not in the so-described target market, it makes me feel like I’m up to date on the frequent goings on of the high end pet trade, always a bellwether for what’s happening in the wider world of pets.

On a daily basis I receive news of funky, custom collar manufacturers, pet portraitists and unusual services your pet might really like (blueberry facial, anyone?). It sometimes pains me that I enjoy receiving what occasionally comes off as "news of the weird" for pets, but what can I say? I’m a devotee.

The gals behind the Daily Kibble’s newsletter enterprise are two New York pet lovers with enough time on their hands to research and expose these pet-freaky finds. And they seem to have tapped a willing audience of similarly enthused pet lovers who are excited about knowing the next new thing when it comes to caring for their pets. 

Though they lack in healthcare products and factoids that may enlighten their pet-loving followers, they seem to have their core competency covered: they know what brightens pet owners’ days with fun options for interesting activities, events, toys, garments and other niceties that satisfy even the most jaundiced, health-oriented, animal-affiliated human with a desire to stay on top of the pet market.

I also like that they often feature the little guys — people like you and me who need people like them to make public the small steps we take to make our pets’ lives better. And for that, I extend a warm thank you to the Queens of Kibble.

To that end, here are five worthy (if slightly silly) pet-oriented products recently brought to my attention by The Daily Kibble:

IncrediBubbles: Gotta love the bubbles. Big, peach-flavored, non-toxic bubbles for chasing. Though it’s marketed for dogs, I can’t imagine the cats wouldn’t love pouncing on them, too.

Wild Rock Dog Bowl: The most beautiful dog water bowl ever — and I don’t say that lightly. Because it’s modeled after rocks in a stream it seems as if it might meld well with almost any décor. At $90 it would almost have to.

Jake and Micah’s Cat Toys: The cutest cat toys with a handmade twist. Try the sushi…

WonderDog Collars:What can I say? I like well-designed collars with bold colors. This one's called "Bollywood."

EzyDog Cujo Leash: Apart from the great name, this leash’s bungee action might help you avoid whiplash should Cujo decide to make a mad dash for a stray cat on your daily walk. Come on…we know our pets can’t all be 100% perfect.

Sure, it might sound strange for a vet to pay attention to pet baubles and trinkets, but we can't be all business all the time, right?