We love Vincent. He's spectacularly cute and a seriously skilled cuddler. But Vincent's not without his issues. In recognition of his anniversary with us and just because I thought it would be fun, here’s the skinny on how much Vincent’s cost me in his first year with me.

Are you ready?


Since my dogs eat what I do except for a bowl of Solid Gold once a day, my food costs aren’t exorbitant. And they’re small 20-pounders, which helps enormously. Moreover, I cook pretty frugally, eating everything I buy and sourcing much of my food from a local cooperative. Occasionally, I’ll by some extra chicken hearts or beef tongue for them, but that’s pretty cheap. Total monthly cost? About $50, I’d guess. Add some supplements and add maybe another $10 a month.

That’s $720 for the year.

Medical expenses

1-Demodectic mange (about $100 in medications)

2-Neuter and soft palate resection (drug and supply cost at the surgeon’s, about $300)

3-Reconcile daily ($30 a month for four months so far, $120)

4-Chronic ear infection (about $50 in meds)

5-Allergy testing (a biggie, at $250)

6-X-rays and treatment after he ate my son's retainer ($100)

7-Flea, tick and parasite meds? Free thanks to my drug reps.

That’s $920 for the year for this vet. For you? Multiply times four and that’s roughly just about right: $3,680.

Things chewed

Just a couple of days ago, I confessed that I used to live a tad beyond my means. It all caught up with me in a bad way about three or four years ago. Luckily, all the shoes and fancy glasses and clothes I accumulated during this time mean I really don’t have to shop—at all—as long as I don’t gain any weight, that is. But Vincent’s starting to tax even MY wardrobe. Here’s a list:

1-Chanel sunglasses ($400)

2-Four other miscellaneous pairs of prescription glasses ($300 each for $1,200)

3-About five pairs of shoes which he’s assailed by gnawing the heels to the point of no return (OK, so I always buy at DSW so they’re discounted but even at $100 a pop that’s $500)

4-The repairs to the not so thoroughly consumed shoes? Add another $60.

5-My son's retainer? $125.

6-Miscellaneous household items, children’s toys and books? Make that another $200 or thereabouts over the past year.

That’s $2,485.

Miscellaneous expenses

A crate, T-shirts and sweaters, chewy toys and leashes, collars, shampoos and other baubles?

About $300. (He’s not as hard on his own things as he is on mine.)

Grand Total

$7,185 for one "free" dog (don't you love when people say that?)

$2,360 of it in things I really didn’t need.

One beloved Frenchie?


(Feel free to submit your own costs below, I needn't be the only one exposing my pet's foibles and its financial toll.)