Hot on the heels of a post on what my neck suffers when I work is another physical issue I’ve been grappling with recently: To Lasik or not.

I’m a 400 girl in each eye (as of my last visit 6 months ago). Astigmatism, too. Prematurely ready for bifocals, even. With a prescription that changes yearly, my need for new eyeglasses is staggering. It’s a revolving door of frames for me. (And Vincent’s penchant for plastic isn’t helping any. I'm down about four frames since his arrival.)

I need one set of lenses for surgery and another for reading. I can’t wear contacts at work for fear I’ll have to read small writing on something (a package insert, maybe?). It’s a nightmare.

I’ve sought the advice of two ophthalmologists, both of who recommend Lasik with extra glasses for reading and eventually surgery, as the changes to my lenses are ongoing.

Yet one of my friends, a human ER doc, can’t stop telling me how unhappy she was with her own Lasik experience, reporting on how many pairs of glasses she now needs for work. But she loves being able to go to dinner and SCUBA dive without contacts—though she still needs to take glasses to the opera (who doesn’t? I can’t read a damn thing on the overhead monitors and I can’t memorize all that Italian ahead of time).

As it stands, my clients will often find me removing my glasses in the exam room to peer inside ears, examine skin tags and other miscellaneous lesions. Repeated at home, this is a surefire recipe for the kind of masticatory disaster which will soon earn my Vincent a cage muzzle (they fit horribly on Frenchies—anyone know a good brand for the flat-nosed among us?).

Surgery is yet another issue. I’ve taken to using an on-the-head miner’s lamp with magnifying glasses attached (works great for knitting lace, too) but it’s a PIA with all that back and forth (on off on off). Arrrrgh! (as they say in the comic books my son reads).

Add in the $2,500 I’ll have to spend (tax deductible? no way, I’m told) and I’m hating my once-pretty blue eyes right about now. But at $300-$400 a pair, that might’ve been worth it…were it not for the new frames I’d need to shell out for. Double-arrrrgh!