Just made it through customs as of 10 AM EST. It's a good thing they didn't ask about all the baby goats I sidled up to in Cozumel with all the blisters around their mouths. In that case I'd still be in lockdown getting decontaminated and quarantined on some pier in Fort Lauderdale instead of posting pre-next week. (That was a vet joke. The goats were healthy, really.)

Though I was stressed out beyond belief while in blog withdrawal, I did manage to relax in between bouts of the blogger DTs (does anyone else identify with this or am I a serious nutcase?).

Junkie blogger that I am, I couldn't help raising work-related topics at dinnertime and jotting down notes on a scribble pad under my napkin. I may have suffered from computer withdrawal but the brain never shuts down--even while seemingly immersed in a Texas Hold-'em tournment.

Hmmmm...maybe that's why I lost so much of my boyfriend's money. Next time he'll have to find a cruise that plays Scrabble for cash (God knows I have no face for poker, no temperament for Bingo and an overabundance of otherwise useless wordsmithing abilities).

While I lost out big cashwise, at least I managed to source about a zillion topics to fuel the next few weeks of blogging--at least. Add to that the cache of posts I meant to upload and there's a bumper crop on its way.

But first I think I'll take a nap...if the baby goat in my backyard will stop bleating long enough to let me...