Let me be clear at the outset: My intent is NOT to bash Fort Dodge and it’s new flea-buster product ProMeris, but I just finished reading a piece in this month's Veterinary Practice News that shocked and dismayed me.


The short piece (sorry, couldn’t find it online) reports on Fort Dodge’s defense to the Internet hype surrounding its product’s adverse reactions. According to the company, the hype is just that—overblown fear mongering. In their words, it’s all over just ONE complaint.

On their website in their own words:

“Based on the high number of email forwards and Internet postings, it may appear there are multiple adverse events being reported. However, based on our research, it appears that all of this online activity stems from a single case.”

Of course that got me to wondering…how can that be? After all, I was treated to at least a dozen personal complaints (some from vets and vet techs) after my post questioning the urban legend status of these reported reactions. And I’m just one lonely voice in the wilderness reaching a few thousand pet owners per post.

So how is it possible that Fort Dodge is only investigating one case when this appears to be far more than a simple singularity?


Given the disconnect between what I’m told by reasonably credible sources and what the company claims, in my estimation that means the reporting system is busted.

Are we just not making it a priority to call the 1-800 number on the side of the box? Do we assume that others will do this for us? That it’s the purview of the veterinarian or the pet owner (whichever we are not)? That reactions must be obviously life threatening before we should pick up the phone? If so, are we drug company enablers?

If it’s not our lack of follow-through and the complaints that reached me have already been reported then I’m forced to fear the worst: the ProMeris people are spinning it.

Having learned to avoid assuming anything based on the mere whiff of a rumor, I thought I’d try and find out for myself. Hmmm…looks like another call to Fort Dodge’s ProMeris help-line is in order.

The skinny on my call(s) and the real story comes next week…stay tuned.