While some Ohio legislators are working hard to pass another pit bull ban (this one statewide, check here to sign the petition against it), here’s a story of “Leo the Redeemed,” an ex-fighter from Michael Vick’s famed (and defamed) Bad Newz stash.

Leo’s gone from “caveman at a tea party” (according to his trainer/owner )to clownsuit-sporting therapy pet. Here's Leo (ain't he gorgeous, I just want to squeeze him!):

Indeed, it’s hard to think of a more complete evolution…or devolution, depending on your take on clowns (they freak me out).

Excepting the clown thing, the positive spin on pitties in the news puts me in a mood to rejoice. And so does this, Al Gore waxing poetic on what he thinks his endorsement of Barak Obama will help achieve: