With today’s post Dolittler turns 1,000!—measured in posts, that is. Considering that my average post is about 600 words long that’s 600,000 words, all submitted in your honor, my Dear Readers.

To celebrate this milestone I’d like to thank my most influential readers, supporters and other helpers-along-the-way:

PetConnection: No single entity has contributed to the success of Dolittler as PetConnection.com’s blog team of Gina Spadafori and Christie Keith. Gina for her unwavering (and perhaps irrational) support of this blogger and Dolittler’s content and Christie Keith for her meticulous (and surprisingly inspirational) writing. Thanks!!

GoodNewsForPets: My first sponsor and provider of Dolittler’s first checks. Though I still need more sponsors and Dolittler’s still waaay in the red, no one else has done more to alleviate this condition. A special thanks to Lea-Ann Germinder on this one.

Alex Krooglik and Laura Bennett of Embrace Pet Insurance: To savvy, business-minded Alex and Laura, his actuarial powerhouse counterpart (the only dedicated pet actuary in the country I’m told) for their sound marketing advice on Dolittler’s behalf.

Freddie Laker of iChameleon (now moved on to a new venture): For helping give birth to Dolittler over two years ago.

James Riley: For agreeing to take on Dolittler’s new platform changes and accepting some payment in the form of a barter for his kitty Luna’s care.

ProBlogger: For a neverending stream of advice on blogging, I thank you. (If you blog, you'll do no better than ProBlogger for expert advice.)

Dr. Marc Wosar and the docs and staff at Miami Veterinary Specialists: For answering my questions, accepting my presence and helping ensure that Dolittler’s content is always medically on point. (Stay tuned for Dr. Wosar's Guest Post later today.)

And the biggest thanks to all my readers for keeping my content relevant with your comments. THANKS!